How to discharge an ex-husband?

So, you want your ex husband back.

After hours of searching you somehow found this site. Maybe you are a repeat visitor waiting for my new article to be released. Perhaps you are a first time visitor just looking for something that is well written and can help you make sense of your situation.

Whatever the case allow me to introduce you to the last “get your ex back” site that you will ever visit.

Welcome to Ex Boyfriend Recovery!

Now, before you click the “back” button on your browser let me just say that when I initially created this site I had no idea how big it would become. It was just supposed to be a small project to test the waters of website development. Well, about a year later I have literally communicated with thousands of women and helped a good portion actually get their exes back.

The point I am trying to make is that when I was creating this site I didn’t ever dream that I would get women all over the world asking for my help. Thus, I didn’t even think about what a devastating situation that the women who wanted their ex husbands back would be in.

Today that changes!

For the past few weeks I have been compiling information to write a massive step by step guide that can help women who want their husbands or fiances back. It just so happens that, that guide is this guide!

What This Guide Will Cover

how to discharge an ex-husband?

I am just going to tell you up front that this free guide will probably be better than 90% of the products or books that you would have to pay for. However, the downside of it is that I am dealing with a bit of headwind on my end. You see, the longer my guides get the more they slow down my site and your experience here can suffer because of that. As a result, I am not going to be able to include everything you absolutely will need to get your husband back.

Don’t worry though because I have come up with a solution.

You see, a few months ago I began to see a problem with my site. Through interacting with visitors such as yourself I noticed that you wanted details. Not just tiny details but big ones.

You wanted me to tell you everything there was to know about men.

Well, therein lies the problem because in order for me to tell you everything you would need to know about the way a male mind works I would literally have to write a book…

So, I did.

Ex Boyfriend Recovery PRO.

Essentially, it is my ultimate guide to getting an ex back. If you really want the details behind the process I discuss on this page I highly recommend you check it out. You don’t have to right now because I want you to grasp the things I talk about on this page first.


Methods For Discharging The Ex-husband From The Apartment

how to discharge an ex-husband?

It is possible to write out an ex-husband forcibly, but there are certain nuances in this matter. The easiest way is voluntary deregistration of the ex-spouse. In all other cases, one cannot do without litigation.

What reasons can be the basis for discharge

It will be possible to remove the ex-spouse from the registration without his consent if there is a positive court decision (paragraph 1 of Article 35 of the LC RF), i.e. the ex-wife must file a claim and attach certain supporting documents. It is possible to dismiss the husband from the apartment if he:

  1. For a long time he has been living at a different address (more than 1 year).
  2. Does not systematically pay for housing and communal services.
  3. Is not the owner of the home.
  4. Poses a threat to the life and health of other residents.
  5. Is in places of confinement.
  6. Uses housing for other purposes.
  7. Has drug or alcohol addiction, which disturbs the peace of the family and neighbors.
  8. Recognized as missing (deceased).
  9. Deprived of parental rights. Such a parent cannot live in the same territory with his child.

How to write out if the wife is a homeowner

If the wife is the owner of the living space, then it will not be difficult to remove the husband from registration. After the dissolution of the marriage, the relationship between the spouses is automatically terminated. Thus, the ex-husband loses the right to use the premises (unless otherwise agreed between the spouses).

How to discharge from public housing

Municipal apartments are state owned. They are provided to a citizen for living under certain conditions under a social employment contract. If such an agreement is signed by the ex-spouse, then for its removal from the registration without consent, good reasons are required:

  1. Failure to fulfill obligations to pay accommodation bills for six months or more.
  2. Inappropriate behavior (infringes upon the rights of other family members, neighbors, arranges fights, scandals).
  3. Living at a different address for more than one year.
  4. Damage, damage to municipal property.

Before applying to the court, the ex-spouse must write a claim to the municipal authorities. An employee of the municipal organization will inspect the indicated apartment, interview neighbors and other family members. After that, the offender will receive a verbal warning. If the situation does not change, then the ex-wife has the right to go to court.

How to discharge from a privatized apartment

Extracting the ex-husband is impossible in the case when the housing was privatized in marriage and in agreement with all family members. In such a situation, the ex-spouse can buy out the share or agree with the ex-husband so that he is discharged voluntarily.

The husband's refusal to participate in privatization is not a reason for his forced removal from registration in the event of a divorce. According to Article 19 of Federal Law No.

189-FZ of December 29, 2004, the spouse who has refused to participate in the privatization retains the lifelong right to use this housing.

However, relying on paragraph 3 of the Review of Judicial Practice of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation for January-July 2014, you can try to discharge your ex-husband if all the following conditions are met:

  • a man for a long time (more than 3 years) does not live at the place of registration;
  • left the living space on a permanent basis and took out his belongings;
  • left voluntarily, the owners did not interfere with living;
  • does not participate in the maintenance of housing;
  • does not try to return to the apartment;
  • the rest of the owners (who have reached the age of 18) are not against the discharge of the man and give written consent to this.

And if the husband's children are registered in the apartment

It is impossible to dismiss minor children forcibly. The guardianship authorities take part in such court proceedings, which ensure that the rights of the child are not violated.

Rarely, but there are cases when the judge makes an exception and gives permission to deregister children:

  • if they do not live at the place of registration for a long time (exact terms are not established by law),
  • if they moved with their father to another place for permanent residence.

Regardless of the reason for the compulsory discharge of the ex-husband, a court decision will be required. On its basis, an employee of the passport office will remove him from registration.

10 Most Effective Tips to Forget an Ex

Jenny is a girl who once failed in her relationship but found the courage to move on with her life. She is now happy and contented.

Forgetting Your Ex-Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Every failed relationship is painful. It hurts us in a way no physical wounds can…

I, too was heartbroken. I was so mad at myself for being such a fool and I almost hated the world for being so unfair.

I wanted to slap just anybody, and wanted to be alone for a while (thank goodness I have no suicidal tendencies). I was emotionally tortured that time. I was crying while at work.

And every time I hear the sound of some familiar love songs I can't help but cry my heart out.

I wanted to move on. I wanted to forget him as soon as I can (if only it can happen the next morning when I wake up) but I couldn't. Everywhere I looked, I saw him…there's just too many memories and I thought i would go crazy trying to avoid them.

Overtime, I've realized that it's not enough to just want to move on…I have to do something about it and I did. It wasn't easy I tell you.

There were times when I was literally banging my head on the wall for being too weak to fight the urge to contact him and deleting all his numbers didn't help as well as I have memorized them.

But as time went by, it became less painful until you literally can't remember how it actually felt. Fortunately, I was successful! Let me share with you the things I did and I'm pretty sure it will help you too.

1. Accept What Happened but Don't Dwell on it

It is normal to be upset, mad and hurt after break-ups especially if it's a third party issue. And you'd probably be mad for a long time. But if you stay mad you'd only stress yourself and you'd only make your world smaller. You have to accept that the relationship is over and don't even try to pick up the pieces because you'd only hurt yourself.

Acceptance is the first step to moving on and getting over that stupid ex, so its time for you to make that first step. Once you've accepted it, don't dwell on it. Don't over-think and over-analyze things. Don't dwell on the «what'ifs or what might have beens» in the relationship. It's fruitless.

Believe me, I've tried and it only made me feel worse than I have ever been.

Instead, choose to accept that it is over and stop thinking. It’s not easy, but you can do it.

A good way to deal with it is by journaling about your feelings. It doesn't have to be the best writing or even good writing at all. Just get it all out there. Imagine that as you write them down, the bad feelings and thoughts are leaving your body and sticking to the paper.

2. Let Go

Dating Your Ex Husband After Divorce (The Ultimate Guide) — 2021

Are you thinking about dating your ex-husband after divorce? Or do you already find yourself in a relationship with the person you split up with? Naturally, you might be puzzled because your marriage didn't work and yet you are suddenly attracted to each other as though you’ve just met.

If you are thinking “What the heck am I doing?” and have serious doubts about whether you should carry on dating your former spouse, consult these guidelines. This situation obviously has both pros and cons. However, please keep in mind that you’ll have to pay double attention to restoring this relationship to make it work.

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It is indeed possible to have a total reboot and start over again with your ex. However, you need a completely new approach to mend fences and fix the things that led you to divorce the last time.

Numerous couples realize that they might have made a mistake. They break up and then make up, so you're not alone.

The good news is, you can use their experience not to repeat common blunders many people make when they try to make peace after divorce.

Did you know, by the way, that a lot of celebrities make attempts to get back with their ex? For some, it turns out to be a nightmare but for others, it was a new lease on life.

Celebrities: Breakups and Makeups

Famous rapper Eminem not only writes passionate lyrics, but also has a complex personal life, full of romantic peaks and valleys. Eminem and his wife Kim had a long history of marriages and divorces.

Elizabeth Taylor, a well-known movie star, also hopped on and off her marital relationship with Richard Burton. The couple married in 1964, divorced ten years later, then proceeded down the matrimonial path in 1975 and divorced again a year after.

Pink, an acclaimed singer, middle-aisled it with Carey Hart in 2006. Two years later, however, the couple split up, but it was unofficial. In 2009, they were back together and never separated again.

Ozzie Osbourne, an influential rock star, spent 33 years in a marriage with Sharon Osbourne, but they suddenly parted ways in 2016 due to Ozzie having an affair. Nevertheless, the singer came back to his wife, and the couple lives happily together.

It’s not only celebrities, but also common people that miss their former spouses and want them back. It's okay if you’ve also decided to change your mind and make another try to rebuild a significant relationship.

Here are quotes from individuals who have gone through a similar experience you're having right now. Which quote resonates with your heart?

“I felt relief when my husband and I split up, but in a year, it dawned on me that I underestimated his efforts to make our family happy. I had a couple flings, and realized that none of them really stacked up – my husband was the man of my life. I miss him so much and wish he was here by my side.”

Jessica, 27.

“Our separation was awful. I had to seek refuge at my friend's house because I couldn't stand the sight of my husband after I caught him cheating on me in our apartment. However, he came back with an apology. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to forgive him and trust him again, though I do still love him. Honestly, I don’t think it will work out, cause he broke my heart.”

Lilly, 32.

How to Handle an Ex Who Harasses You

  1. 1

    Differentiate between criminal harassment and pestering. Assault, abuse, threats, and even stalking are considered punishable criminal offenses.[1]
    If you are being subjected to one of these forms of harassment, report your ex to the authorities immediately.

    They will keep an eye on your ex and even issue a restraining order. On the other hand, your ex may not be doing any physical or emotional harm, but simply hasn’t accepted the break-up.

    If the latter is the case, there are steps you can take to make it more comfortable while they come to terms with the separation.

    • A restraining order places restrictions on their interactions with you. If they violate the restraining order, they could be arrested.
    • Many states have a legal distinction between civil harassment and domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is between close family members and people currently or formerly in a romantic relationship. Civil harassment is between 2 people who are not and have never been close family members or romantically involved. However, the illegal behavior is the same – assault, abuse, threats, stalking, and other physically and emotionally harmful behaviors.[2]
    • Abuse can be physical or emotional. Hitting, shouting, and insults are examples of abuse. Broadly defined, it is harm done to you.
    • Threats of abuse can be just as harmful emotionally. They can be expressed or simply implied.
    • Pestering may just be repeated calls or emails to you. If your ex is simply calling you often to find out what you are thinking about them, it may not constitute harassment yet.
  2. 2

    Keep track of your ex’s behavior. If the harassment gets worse, you might change your mind to see the authorities. They will need to know some details about your ex’s exact behaviors. Keeping track of them, even writing them down, is a good idea in case you feel their attempts at contacting you may turn violent.

    • Who, what, when, where, and why – these are basic details any authority figure will ask about up front.
    • How often is it happening?
    • Are you alone when they harass you?
    • Have you told them that their advances are unwelcome?
    • Is there hard evidence of their harassment? It may not be necessary to have criminal charges brought against them without physical evidence of harassment, but it would make it an open-and-shut case.[3]


  3. 3

    Tell them their behavior is unwelcome. It may seem obvious to you, but vocalizing your fear and discomfort to them may get them to stop. It is also the first step in legal recourse against their behavior. By establishing that you have told them to stop, their continued attempts at contacting or harming you become criminal offenses.

    • Set limits on how often (or if) they can contact you, and on what terms.[4]
    • For example, try telling them, «I know you only want to spend more time with me, but I your repeated calls make me uncomfortable. I want you to stop calling me for at least 2 weeks. I'll get in touch with you if I need you.» Putting a time frame on it may make it an easier pill for them to swallow. After 2 weeks, or however long you see fit, they may not be as obsessed with you any more.
  4. 4

    Recognize when they are not trying to harm you. Not all ‘harassment’ is criminal or violent. It may just be residual feelings of infatuation gasping for air. Go easy on them while they come to terms with the break up. There is no need to contact the police about someone who is causing no harm.

    • For example, an ex may try to bring you lunch at work. It is unwanted behavior, but they are only bringing you food. Remove yourself and your relationship from the story, and see their behavior in its most basic form.
  5. 5

    Do the ‘reasonable person test.’ Imagine there are impartial bystanders witnessing or listening to your ex’s potentially abusive actions.

    Would they feel alarmed or contact an authority? If so, your ex's actions may be criminally punishable.

    It is important to figure out if they are a threat to your safety as soon as possible so you can contact the police before you get hurt.[5]

    • For example, imagine your last face-to-face. Did they raise their voice or act physically imposing, or imply future abuse? Did they use unfriendly language? If not, they may not be interested in taking their attempt to win you back any farther than asking you what they did wrong.


  1. 1

    Avoid them. If they are behaving generally rational, your ex’s advances are fueled by contact with you. Don’t give fuel to the fire. Try to avoid them whenever possible. This may be difficult if you work together or socialize in the same circles. Nonetheless, the more you can break off contact with them, the easier it should be to gradually come to terms with the break up.

    • Block their phone number and all of their social media accounts, as well.[6]
    • Take note if your ex intensifies their attempts see you after you break off contact. This irrational behavior may be a sign of criminal harassment or even psychosis. If they become more desperate or abusive, contact the police immediately.
  2. 2

    Tell your friends and family.

Space Ex-Husband

Captain Space Ex-Husband, formerly known as Captain Spaceboy, is the final boss enemy of Snowglobe Mountains, standing at the very top of the mountains, lamenting his very short time spent married with Sweetheart, who dumped him (again). After being defeated he will return to his home along with his father to Otherworld Campsite.


Captain Space Ex-Husband's fight is quite unique, as he will change vastly according to his emotions, to start with it, his stats are as following:

  • While neutral: 6000 heart, 3000 juice, 80 attack, 999 defense, 50 speed and 10 luck.
  • While happy: 6000 heart, 3000 juice, 70 attack, 35 defense, 105 speed and 25 luck.
  • While sad: 6000 heart, 3000 juice, 65 attack, 85 defense, 30 speed and 5 luck.
  • While angry: 6000 heart, 3000 juice, 90 attack, 15 defense, 50 speed and 10 luck.

Additionally, he does not take damage while neutral[1], this is coded and his 999 defense has nothing to do with it.

Continuing, he will behave as stated below:




50% chance of doing a normal attack.
Else, he will blast a laser, dealing high damage to an enemy.

20000 exp.
5000 clams.

50% chance of singing a joyful song, dealing high damage, and turning all party members happy.
50% chance of doing a spinning kick, doing attack damage to a party member.
Else, he will blast a laser, dealing high damage to an enemy.

20000 exp.
7500 clams.

50% chance to sing an angsty song, turning everyone sad and decreasing their juice.
Else, he will blast a laser, dealing high damage to an enemy.

15000 exp.
3750 clams.

45% chance of singing an angry song, dealing attack damage to all party members.
45% chance to blast a laser, dealing high damage to an enemy. .
Else, he will create a bullet hell, dealing 50 damage four times to random party members.

30000 exp.
5000 clams.

Урок 1. families — Английский язык — 11 класс — Российская электронная школа

Урок Конспект Дополнительные материалы

Match the phrases in English and Russian.

Read the sentences and choose the right word.

  • The family, which consists of a father, a mother, children, a grandfather, a grandmother is: nuclear extended .
  • The family, which consists of a father, a mother and children is: separated nuclear .
  • The family, which consists of a father or a mother and children is: immediate separated .
  • The family, which consists of a father, a mother and many children is: extended a large family .
  • The family ,which consists of close relatives is: immediate nuclear .
  1. extended, nuclear, in-laws, immediate, separated
  2. brother–in–law, nephew, father-in–law, sister- in-law, mother –in-law
  3. stepfather, half brother, twin sister, grandson, ex- husband.

Match the phrases in English and Russian.

  • special, secure, extended, accepted, safe. 
  • engaged, married, divorced, separated, studied.
  • mother-in-law, sister-in-law, father-in-law, stepmother, stepsister.

My parents are . So, my brother and I live with our mum.

I am an child and I live with my parents.

My family is . I’ve got two brothers and two sisters. We care for and help each other and always show to elders.

Family are really important in people’s life.

Read the sentences and choose the correct answer.                          

My sister didn’t on well with her husband.

When she from her she and her daughter moved to us. It is difficult for her to be a parent, so we all try to her. My brother is married to a wonderful woman. Also, he gets on well with his .

Read the sentences and choose the correct answer.

  1. Family is the cradle of life and love where you .
  2. Family ties are really important in .
  3. There are different families: .
  4.  Also, families have different cultural traditions and .

feel special, secure and accepted. :extended, nuclear, immediate, separated and a single parent family

Filling the gaps with the words given. 

Dear Victor,

Hello. How are you? I ‘ve got a friend here. His name is Rakcha. He has got a large family..…

He’s got two brothers and two sisters. His elder sister didn’t get on well with her husband. When she divorced from her husband she and her daughter moved to them. It is difficult for her to be a single parent, so they all try to help her.

Complete Rakcha’s letter to his brother, Batsuh.

Dear Batsukh,

Hello. How are you? I ‘ve got a friend here. His name is Rakcha. He has got a ..…

His brother is married to a wonderful woman. Sasha loves his nephew very much.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14



1st Officer is
talking to the Captain about a collision at sea.
How much damage was there?
(One fishing boat was damaged) #

2nd Officer and 3rd
Officer are discussing an inspection of equipment on board ship.
Why can’t the 2nd Officer
finish the breathing apparatus check? (Because he has to show the inspector around the ship // Because he can’t find the maintenance record) #

2nd Officer is
complaining to the Master about the charts.
What probably happened to
the pens, pencils and eraser?(They are probably in the 3rd
Officer’s cabin

2nd Officer is
instructing the crew how to use Thermal Protective Aids.
What should you
remember to do when getting into the TPA? (Don a life jacket) #

2nd Officer
is reporting an accident to the Captain on the bridge. How far is the ship from
the accident? (10 minutes)

2nd Officer is
reporting an accident to the Captain.
How much damage was there? (One
vessel sank and the other had hull damage
) #

3rd Engineer is
talking to the Bosun about bunkering.
Why can’t they start bunker
immediately? (they must bring the oil absorbent) #

3rd Engineer is
talking with 2nd Engineer about a fire.
Where did the fire start? (In
the workshop
//In the engine room) #

3rd Officer and the
2nd Officer are talking about the Port State Control inspection.
What deficiencies
were found on the bridge? (Outdated charts were not removed from the table) = #

3rd Officer is calling his ship’s agent
from the airport.
Why can’t
the seafarer get to Rotterdam by plane? (because his connecting flight was cancelled) #

3rd Officer is
talking to Captain about a safety check that he carried out on board.
Why should new safety
equipment be ordered? (The 3rd Officer
found problems with the equipment
//Broken Safety Equipment) #

3rd Officer is
talking with the Chief Officer about rescue operations.
Where were the 14
survivors picked up from? (From a capsized yacht) #

4th Engineer is
talking with the 2nd Engineer about the result of a lifeboat inspection.
What inspection has
not been carried out on lifeboat? (He hasn’t checked fuel shut
off valve
) #

AB is asking the crewing assistant about a
What ships
has the AB worked on? (On containers &
bulk carries
) = #

AB is talking about an incident that happened
in bad weather.
What was
the main problem? (Some pipes broke loose//the storm damaged the cargo) =

AB is talking to the Captain about his
What is the
AB unable to do?(Start his watch) #

Announcement is taking place on a cruise
Where must
all passenger go with their life jackets? (To the main lounge) = #

At a briefing meeting on shore the Crew Manager is
talking to the crew about the salary payment system.
What was the problem with the crew members’ accounts?
(They didn’t
advise that they had changed banks
) #

Auditor is speaking to an engineer during
an inspection on board.
How many
locks have a problem? (One lock on the last door) #

Bill and Brian are talking about what they want
to eat later.
Why doesn’t bill
want fish? (It’s difficulty to find good fish)

Bosun is giving
instructions to some ABs on board.
How many coats of paint
does the AB need to apply? (Two coats)

Bosun is talking to Cadet
about burning waste in the incinerator.
What does the bag, which
the Cadet is unsure about incinerating contain? (Paint
//pieces of metal//plastic and cardboard) #

Bosun is talking to
the Cruise Ship Crew about a smell on board.
What is causing the smell
on board?  (Crew
are bringing a fruit on board that smells bad
) #

Bosun is talking with
an AB about his previous voyage.
What was the first reason the came to a stop
during the passage? (The propeller
was caught in the fishing nets
) #

Broadcaster is reading the news. How many countries will the President
visit? (4)

Bunkering is taking place. What was the problem the last time they
were in that port? (Some oil spilled into the harbour) #

Cadet is talking to the Chief Officer
about the liferaft.
How many
days were the Chinese crew at sea for in their life raft? (50 days) #

Captain is briefing
the crew about a piracy attacks.
What should the crew do if they see anyone
suspicious? (Report them) = #

Captain is calling
Transglobe Management Office.
Why is he calling? (They have problems with email on board) #

Captain is discussing security measures
for being in port with his Chief Officer.
What problem with the cabins did Captain
notice last night?(Some cabins were left unlocked) #

Captain is giving a
short description of a recent pirate attack on a ship.
What did the pirate
want? (Money & valuables) #

Captain is giving a talk at a conference. What is the main focus of the Captain’s
talk? (To show that armed attacks are steadily
//to state that not enough is being done
to reduce attacks) #

Captain is making a distress call from his
When did
the collision occur? (04.00
hrs//01.00hrs//03.00 hrs) #

Captain is making an announcement to the
ship’s company about the armed security personnel who are joining them on
How many
armed security guards will be on board? (2//3//1) =

Captain is speaking
to the ship’s Cook about preparing caviar and pancakes for the Russian crew’s
Christmas dinner.
What problem does the Cook have? (He’s very busy) #

Captain is talking about some stowaways
who boarded his ship.
Where were
the stowaways probably hiding? (In the lifeboat) #

Captain is talking on the phone to a
training manager about their next meeting.
Who is the seminar for?(For everybody) =

Captain is talking to an agent about
damage to his ships.
What’s the
damage?  (The rudder’s damage) #

Captain is talking
with ship’s chandler about ordering provision.
What kind of vegetables
does the Captain order? (Potatoes and
) # 

Captain of a ferry is
announcing there will be a lifeboat drill.
When do passengers have to
find their lifejacket and make a note of their muster station? (Right now) #

Cargo Officer and
stevedore are discussing a shipping load together.
Why must they finish loading
before 1300 hrs.? (The ship will
need to move
) #

Cargo Officer and the
Bosun are discussing loading the hold.
Why does hold 2 have to be cleaned
again? (It still smells//it’s
still damp//it’s still dirty) #

Cargo Officer is asking a truck driver to describe
an accident onboard a ferry.
How was the woman injured? (She was hit by a truck) #

Cargo Officer is talking to a stevedore
about a problem.
What cargo
previously carried by the ship? (Grain) #

Chief Cook is talking
to the Assistant Cook about a minor incident.
Where did the fire start? (in the toaster) #

Chief Engineer is
examining a permit to work for carrying out work on the electrical circuits.
Why did the crew
member make a mistake with the permit? (Because he got very little sleep) #

Chief Engineer is
holding a toolbox talk before carrying out work on the electrical circuits.
What does the Chief
Engineer still need to discuss in the toolbox talk before carrying out the
work? (The risk assessments and work permit//Responsibility for the Lock Out Tag Out procedures)
= #

Chief Engineer is
inspecting the engine room.
What does he order the 4th Engineer to do
immediately? (To remove the
collecting tins
) #

Chief Engineer is reporting
an engine problem to the Officer of the Watch.
How long does the Chief Engineer want to shut
down the engine for?(Two hours) #

Chief Engineer is talking
to the 2nd Engineer about a minor accident on board
. What was the cause of the accident? (The 2nd engineer
wasn’t there to supervise
) #

Chief Engineer is
talking to the 3rd Engineer about his personal hygiene.
Why does the 3rd
Engineer smell? (He doesn’t wash his
clothes enough
) #

Chief Engineer is
talking to the 3rd Engineer about the Cook.
Why is the Cook pouring
vodka on the deck? (Because he believes its good luck) #

Chief Engineer is
talking to the Chief Officer about the new 3rd Engineer.

Методическое пособие для самостоятельной работы студентов 2 курса СПО

Государственное автономное профессиональное образовательное учреждение

Самарской области

«Самарский колледж сервиса производственного оборудования имени Героя Российской Федерации Е.В. Золотухина»

  • Методическое пособие для самостоятельной работы студентов 2 курса всех специальностей очной и заочной форм обучения.
  • Самара, 2016 г
  • Предметно-цикловой
  • комиссией

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Разработала: Морозова Т.Е.

Рецензент: Русяйкина Г.Н.

Данное методическое пособие предназначено для студентов вторых курсов всех специальностей очной и заочной форм, обучающихся в Самарском колледже сервиса производственного оборудования. Пособие включает темы, с которыми в процессе изучения английского языка сталкиваются студенты всех специальностей.

Структура тематического материала проста и эффективна, так как содержит не только тексты, но и задания к ним, что способствует их продуктивному усвоению.

Задания к текстам направлены на активное использование лексико-грамматической информации и на закрепление данной темы.

В текстах предлагается материал общей лексической ориентации, который позволяет учащимся ознакомиться с основными сведениями по лексике и грамматике английского языка.

Методика преподавания иностранного языка предполагает как работу с преподавателем, так и самостоятельную работу студентов как во время занятия так и в свободное время дома. Структура данного методического пособия позволяет успешно выполнять эти задачи.

  • Пособие может быть рекомендовано к использованию в образовательном процессе.
  • Mass Media
  • EXERCISE 1. Read, translate, and study the use of the new words to read and discuss the texts and dialogues:
  • 1) media, mass media.
  • 2) a viewer.
  • 3) a stream, a steady stream.
  • 4) to entertain, entertainment.
  • 5) a quiz.
  • 6) a feature film, a carton, a fictional serial.
  • 7) an affair, current affairs.
  • 8) to run.
  • 9) to advertise, advertising, advertisement, ad, advertiser.
  • 10) a profit, to make a profit.
  • 11) to subscribe.
  • 12) a fee, to pay a fee.
  • 13) to deliver.
  • 14) to broadcast.
  • 15) a satellite.
  • 16) to transmit.
  • 17) to receive, a receiver.
  • 18) an advantage, a drawback.
  • 19) average, on average.
  • 20) means.
  • 21) to compete.
  • 22) forecast.
  • 23) an ability.
  • 24) a tabloid.
  • 25) an editorial.
  • 26) either.
  • 27) to reach.
  • 28) to annoy, annoying.
  • 29) a consumer.
  • 30) a poster.

EXERCISE 2. Translate the following world combinations. Pay attention to the prepositions:

  1. 1) with a TVset
  2. 2) at home
  3. 3) about people,
  4. 4) in faraway lands
  5. 5) million of viewers
  6. 6) events of worldwide interest
  7. 7) in fact
  8. 8) supported by the government
  9. 9) on cultural subjects
  10. 10) for most public TV stations
  11. 11) run by private companies
  12. 12) to pay for their operating cost
  13. 13) to make a profit for the companies
  14. 14) for this service
  15. 15) delivered to home TVsets by cables
  16. 16) in the largest urban areas
  17. 17) from a satellite.
  18. 18) in space .
  19. 19) at least .
  20. 20) on average .
  21. 21) for about 7 hours.
  22. 22) in the world .
  23. 23) with one another .
  24. 24) from country to country.
  25. 25) by telephoning .
  26. 26) about the topic.
  27. 27) for entertainment .
  28. 28) specialize in one kind of music.
  29. 29) by actors .
  30. 30) for entertainment .
  31. 31) specialize in one kind of music.
  32. 32) by actors.
  33. 33) for the widespread use of radios.
  34. 34) in parks.
  35. 35) at beaches.
  36. 36) at beaches.
  37. 37) along the street.
  • EX 3Fill in the gaps with the proper prepositions.
  • 1) TV is one … our most important means … communication.
  • 2) It brings pictures and sounds around the world … millions… homes.
  • 3) Communication satellites … space transmit TV pictures … oceans and continents.
  • 4) … the late 1970`s such devices as video cassette recorders, videodisc players, and personal computers have changed the way people use television … their homes.
  • 5)… example, TVsets may by used … such purposes, as playing electronic games and receiving televised information services.
  • EXERCISE 4. Read the text , try to focus on its essential facts, and choose the most suitable heading below for each paragraph:
  • 1) The Importance of Television 2) Satellite Television 3) Cable Television 4) TV is One of the Important mass Media 5) Different Kinds of programmes 6) Public and Commercial Stations

Television, also called TV, is one of the most important mass media. People with a television set can sit at home and can see and learn about people, animals, and things is faraway lands.

Millions of viewers around the world can watch sports events and other events of worldwide interest.

TV brings its viewers a steady stream of programmes that are designed to give information and to entertain. In fact, television provides more entertainment programmes than any other kind of mass media. The programmes include sports events, variety shows, quiz shows, feature films, cartoons, fictional serials called soap operas, etc.

There are two main Kinds of television station: public stations and commercial stations. They usually broadcast more educational programmes and programmes on . News and current

affairs programmes make up an important section of programmes for most public television stations. Commercial television stations are run by private companies They sell advertising time to pay for their operating cost and to make a profit for the companies that run the stations.

People can also subscribe to cable television system. Viewers pay a fee for this service. Cable television signals are delivered to home TVsets of their customers by cables. Some cable systems carry more than one hundred channels-far more than can broadcast even in the largest urban areas.

Satellite broadcasting is another form of subscription television. The signals are transmitted to home TVsets from a direct broadcasting satellite in space. The viewer must have a dish-receiver aerial to receive the programmes.

We may speak about different advantages and drawbacks of television but almost every home has at least one TVset. On average, a TVset is in use for about 7 hours each day. Thus, television is the most effective means of mass communication known to mankind. It has become the people`s eyes and ears on the world.

EXERCISE 5.Read and give a summary of the text.


Radio is also one of the most important mass media. Radio broadcasts news, discussions, interviews, description of sport events, drama, religious programmes, music, and advertising.

There is at least one radio station in every country in the world, and altogether there are more than 25,000 stations all over the world. Radio stations compete with one another.

Radio programmes vary from country to country. But in all countries, programmes primarily provide information and entertainment.

Programmes that provide information include news and current affairs, live broadcasts of sports events, weather forecasts, talk shows.

Many talk shows allow listeners to take part in the programme by telephoning the radio station to ask questions or give their options about the topic. Such programmes are sometimes called phone-ins.

In most countries up to 90 per cent of all programmes are designed for entertainment. Music is a popular kind of radio entertainment. Most music stations specialize in one kind of music, such as pop, classical, jazz or folk music. Some stations broadcast several kinds of music. There are also comedy shows and plays performed «live» or recorded in the studio by actors.

A major reason for the widespread use of radios is their portability, which means the ability to be carried around easily. People listen to the radios almost everywhere – at home, in parks, at beaches and picnics, while driving a car, and even while walking along the street.

  1. EXERCISE 6.Quote the sentences in which these words and word combinations are used in the texts:
  2. 1) in faraway lands 8) a dish-receiver aerial
  3. 2) a steady stream 9) at least
  4. 3) soap operas 10) compete
  5. 4) by the newspapers 11) weather forecasts
  6. 5) current affairs 12) phone-ins
  7. 6) to make a profit 13) widespread
  8. 7) pay a fee 14) at beaches
  9. EXERCISE 7.Find in the texts English equivalents for these words and word combinations:
  10. 1) средства массовой информации 22) составляют важную часть
  11. 2) телевидение 23) продавать рекламное время
  12. 3) телевизор 24) затраты
  13. 4) дома 25) приносить прибыль
  14. 5) в далёких странах 26) управлять станцией
  15. 6) по всему миру 27) кабельное телевидение
  16. 7) спортивные новости 28) вносить плату
  17. 8) зрители 29) намного больше
  18. 9) постоянный поток 30) спутниковое вещание
  19. 10) фактически 31) преимущества и недостатки
  20. 11) развлекательные программы 32) по крайней мере
  21. 12) чем какой-либо другой 33) в среднем
  22. 13) развлекательные представления 34) соревноваться друг с другом
  23. 14) шоу-викторина 35) трансляция в прямом эфире
  24. 15) художественные фильмы 36) прогнозы погоды
  25. 16) мультфильмы 37) принимать участие
  26. 17) художественные сериалы 38) задать вопросы
  27. 18) мыльные оперы 39) выразить мнение
  28. 19) общественные телевизионные 40) по теме
  29. станции 41) фольклорная музыка
  30. 20) транслировать 42) главная причина
  31. 21) текущие события 43) везде
  32. 44) на пляжах

EXERCISE 8. Fill in gaps with the missing words in the following sentences, the first letter of each world has been given to help you.

1) One of the most important m… is TV.2) There are a lot of e…programmes on TV.3) I want to watch this new f… film.4) The most important part of programming is news and c… affairs programmes.5) Some private companies r… commercial TV stations.6) You may s… to this newspaper.7) C… deliver cable TV signals to home TVsets. 8) Radio b… different kinds kinds of programmes.9) Commercial TV stations sell the a… time.10) V… are brought a steady stream of programmes on TV.EXERCISE 9 Translate the following sentences from Russian into English. You will have a story on the topic as a pattern.1. Телевидение – одно из самых важных средств массовой информации.2. Миллионы зрителей во всём мире могут сидеть дома и узнавать о людях, животных, о многом другом в далёких странах по телевидению .3. Телевидение предоставляет своим зрителям много информационных и развлекательных программ.4. Существует два главных вида телевизионных станций: Общественные и коммерческие.5. Общественные телевизионные станции поддерживаются правительством.6. Они обычно транслируют больше образовательных, информационных и культурных программ.7. Коммерческие телевизионные станции управляются частными компаниями.8. Они продают рекламное время, Чтобы оплатить расходы и принести прибыль своим компаниям.9. Зрители могут подписаться на кабельное телевидение, но должны внести плату эту услугу.10. Чтобы пользоваться спутниковым телевидением, необходимо иметь тарелкообразную приемную антенную11. Радио – также одно из средств массовой информации.12. Существует более 25 000 радиостанций во всём мире.13. Главным образом, радиостанции транслируют информационные и развлекательные программы.14. В большинстве стран до 90 % всех радиопрограмм – развлекательные.

15. Люди слушают радио почти везде: дома, на работе, на пляжах, На пикниках, в машине.

EXERSICE 10. Answer the following questions about different kinds of mass media.

  • 1) What kinds of mass media do you know?
  • 2) why is TV one of the important mass media?
  • 3) What is the reason for the widespread use of radios?
  • 4) What do newspapers provide?
  • 5) What kinds of mass media do you prefer?
  • 6) How many TVsets do you have at home?
  • 7) How mach time a day do you watch TV?

8) What are your favorite TV programmes? Why?

9) Do you have a radio at home?

10)What is your favorite radio station ? Why?

11) Do you subscribe to any newspapers?

12) Do you buy newspapers? What kind of?

13) Do you have cable or satellite television at home? How much do you pay for for these services?

  1. 14) What films do you prefer to watch?
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