Lawyer for divorce and family matters in kiev

lawyer for divorce and family matters in kiev

Divorce (dissolution of marriage) in Ukraine

Ukraine ranks one of the first places in Europe in terms of the number of divorces, and this statistics is growing every year. As a result, appeals to lawyers on divorce issues are widespread, and Zaporozhye is no exception.

The easiest and fastest way to get a divorce is to apply and divorce through the registry office. Unfortunately, in this way it is possible to dissolve the marriage only if the spouses do not have minor children.

Otherwise, everything is quite simple. The spouses come to the registry office, fill out and sign an application form, pay a small fee and after a short time take away the divorce certificate.

In Zaporozhye, all regional and city registry offices are engaged in divorce issues.

In cases where, for some reason, divorce through the registry office is impossible, you must go to court with a claim for divorce. In Zaporozhye, claims for divorce are accepted by all district courts in civil proceedings.

A prerequisite for filing for divorce in court is the presence of a minor child or the lack of consent of one of the spouses to divorce. If the lawsuit for divorce is filed correctly, then in a few weeks the court will send summons to the parties and summon them to the meeting.

The earlier practice of giving spouses a period of time for reconciliation is now almost never applied, and if both spouses attend the meeting, the issue should be resolved without delay.

Even if the husband or wife objects to the divorce, the court has no right to refuse to dissolve the marriage.

Of the peculiarities of a divorce through a court, it is worth noting the requirements of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of Ukraine on the obligatory appearance of the applicant in court.

The spouses, as a rule, must be present in person, or send an application to the court in advance to consider the case without their participation.

In a divorce lawsuit, you can ask to appoint alimony and divide the property of the spouses, however, lawyers do not recommend doing this, so as not to delay the process and complicate the divorce. Other claims are best made in a separate claim (s).

The cost of services related to divorce: the cost of drawing up and filing a statement of claim for divorce in court – 800 UAH, participation in 1 court session (with or without the applicant) – 1200 UAH.

lawyer for divorce and family matters in kiev

Divorce from a foreigner in Ukraine

Divorce from a foreign citizen often becomes a serious problem due to the lack of clarity as to which country’s court should be applied to. If at least one of the spouses lives in Ukraine, then this can be done in accordance with Ukrainian legislation. However, before filing a claim in court, we strongly recommend that you seek legal advice.

lawyer for divorce and family matters in kiev

Family lawyer in Ukraine

Our lawyers are often asked the question: Is it possible to dissolve a marriage through a court? Is it possible to dissolve a marriage contracted abroad? Is it possible to dissolve the marriage if the husband is abroad?

On our website you will find all the answers to your questions in the field of family law in Ukraine.

lawyer for divorce and family matters in kiev

Is it possible to get a divorce by proxy in Ukraine?

Divorce is one of the categories of cases that does not allow for the participation of representatives. You can apply to the registry office or the court only in person. If necessary, one of the spouses can send an application by mail to the court for the consideration of the case without his participation and conduct a divorce without his presence.

lawyer for divorce and family matters in kiev

How to dissolve a marriage without the consent of one of the spouses in Ukraine

The court has the right to prohibit dissolution of a marriage only if the spouses have a child under one year of age.

At the same time, if one of the spouses declares in court about his unwillingness to dissolve the marriage, then the court has the right to postpone the consideration of the case and give the spouses a term for reconciliation.

Usually this period is about a month, but the law does not establish any restrictions on this issue.

lawyer for divorce and family matters in kiev

Divorce through the registry office without the consent of one of the spouses in Ukraine

The registry office can dissolve the marriage only if the spouses do not have minor children and they submit a joint application. If one of the spouses does not want to go to the registry office, then the only way to get a divorce is to file a lawsuit.

The marriage is considered dissolved from the moment the court decision enters into legal force. Previously, this decision had to be brought to the registry office to obtain a divorce certificate. Recently, the courts themselves are obliged to send such decisions to the registry offices to amend the register.

lawyer for divorce and family matters in kiev

Family attorney in divorce cases in court in Ukraine

In solving a divorce case in court, the most optimal is to contact a family lawyer who will help you quickly and efficiently resolve the case in your favor.

Our lawyers specialize in solving family law cases, so they know the subtleties and nuances that will help speed up the process.

The advantages of going to family law lawyers are:

  • the promptness of resolving the divorce case in court;
  • quick preparation of documents for their submission to the court;
  • saving material and time resources in solving the case;
  • the ability to resolve issues online.

The best way to save time and money in court divorce is to seek the advice of a good family lawyer!

Please contact our family lawyers if a positive result in a divorce in court is important to you.

If you do not know how best to act in case of divorce in court – call our family lawyers and they will help you understand the situation!

lawyer for divorce and family matters in kiev

Frequently asked questions to a lawyer in Ukraine

Divorce Lawyer — Definition, Examples, Cases, Processes

A divorce lawyer is an attorney that specializes in family law, and has experience in issues of divorce, child custody and visitation, child support, and spousal support.

Many individuals embroiled in a family law matter wonder whether they should retain the services of a divorce lawyer, and even whether it is required.

While it is not required that any party have an attorney in a family law matter, the complex issues and mountains of paperwork often entice people to consult with an experienced attorney. To explore this concept, consider the following divorce lawyer definition.

  1. noun. A lawyer that specializes in matters of divorce, annulment, child custody, and other family law matters.

lawyer for divorce and family matters in kiev

Divorce lawyers are attorneys that specialize in family law. While simple divorces may not call for an experienced lawyer, many situations arise where competent representation is needed.

This is especially true when there is a high level of anger and animosity preventing the couple from coming to an agreement on their own, and in cases in which there has been spousal or child abuse, substance abuse, and major property disputes.

A divorce lawyer is able to explain the process, rules, and laws involved in the client’s family law matter, and will make sure all of the necessary documents are completed and filed with the court. The laws governing divorce and other family law matters vary by state, a divorce lawyer should be sought in the jurisdiction where the divorce will be filed.

The duties of a divorce lawyer vary depending on the specifics of the case. In general, however, an attorney is responsible for helping the client throughout the process, from the first meeting, to settling matters after the divorce is finalized. A divorce attorney provides:

  • Advice on how to deal with marital property, bank accounts, credit cards, and other marital assets
  • Assurance of the progress made concerning disputes, court proceedings, and the stages of the divorce proceeding
  • Preparation and court filing of all paperwork involved, such as the summons and complaint, motions, and custody papers, as well as preparation of the final divorce and custody orders
  • An intermediary to deal with conflicts during the divorce process, such as custody disputes, and arguments over property
  • Representation at all court hearings
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Divorce is a highly emotional event in anyone’s life, and for most people, the purpose for hiring an attorney is to have someone who can handle all of the issues from a reasonable perspective. Attorneys are people too, and each has his or her own personality.

It is important for anyone looking for help with divorce or another family law matter to engage a lawyer that is right for them.

Choosing a divorce lawyer that is a good fit for the client’s personality and legal needs is an important first step to ensuring the process goes smoothly.

Some people feel most comfortable with a lawyer that is the same gender, and some want a lawyer that is very aggressive. When choosing a divorce lawyer, it is important to understand that the personality type, or aggressive nature, of the attorneys involved often control the tone of the entire divorce proceeding.

For instance, an attorney who makes it a habit to aggressively pursue gaining every possible advantage for his or her client may keep the animosity level high for the duration. Couples who choose attorneys that encourage compromise often find that their case wraps up more quickly, and with less stress.

Ultimately, this is a very personal decision for anyone choosing a divorce lawyer.

Divorce in Italy

The Italian family law is regulated by the Civil Code, which prescribes the legal framework for family related matters, such as marriage, divorce, divorce proceedings, regulations concerning the rights of children, including during and after the separation of the parents (child support and child maintenance).  

Separation proceedings in Italy fall under Articles 150 — 158 of the Civil Law.

The notion of ‘divorce’ was introduced in the Italian legislation in 1970, when the Law 898/1970 was issued.

In the case of foreign citizens married in Italy who want to start the divorce proceedings, the EU Regulations 1259/2010 will apply. 

As we presented earlier, marriage in Italy can be ended through two main options, represented by separation and divorce. Until recently, separation was the simplest way of exiting a marriage in Italy.

In May 2015, the Government passed a new law through which Italian divorce proceedings are significantly reduced.

 Our divorce lawyer in Italy can provide legal representation to local and foreign persons who want to start the divorce procedure here. 

Separation procedure presented by our divorce lawyer in Italy

Legal separation in Italy is different from divorce because it only releases thespouses from the obligation of cohabitation.

According to the Italian Family Law, legal separation is temporary, thus allowing spouses to reconcile anytime.

There are two types of separations at the moment in Italy: separation by mutual consent and judicial separation.

In the case of separation by mutual consent, both parties are required to file a joint petition with an Italian court, asking for separation.

 In the case of judicial separation, one of the spouses files a complaint with an Italian court asking for the dissolution of the marriage.

Before declaring the annulment of the marriage, thespouses must appear before the court for a mandatory reconciliation meeting in both types of separation. For assistance in litigation matters, you can address to our divorce lawyer in Italy.

What happens after legal separation in Italy? 

As we have presented up until now, those who want to end a marriage in Italy will first have to go through legal separation, which does not represent a divorce in itself, but it does represent a way for the spouses to be apart.

Once the decision for legal separation is established (by mutual consent or by a court order), there are a set of consequences, which can be explained in detail by our divorce lawyer in Italy.

Some of the most common effects of the legal separation are the following: 

  • thespouses no longer have the obligation of living in the same place;
  • in the case in which the wife has taken the husband’s family name, he will have the right to forbid her to use the respective name, but this is applicable only in specific situations;
  • in the case in which thecouple has children, the parent who will no longer live in the same place where the child is, will be legally required to pay child support;
  • the amount of child support is established by the Italian court handling the case;
  • if after the separation, the spouse who was not responsible for the separation does not dispose of sufficient financial means, the other spouse is legally required to pay maintenance;
  • if there is a decision regarding the payment of child support and maintenance for a spouse, and the other spouse refuses to pay accordingly, this situation will be considered a criminal offence;
  • the spouse refusing to pay the respective amounts of money can be charged under the Section 570 of the Italian Criminal Code

lawyer for divorce and family matters in kiev


The new Divorce Law in Italy

In Italy, divorce proceedings are divided between the following: the joint divorce in which both spouses agree on the terms of the dissolution, and the contested divorce in which the parties have not reached a mutual agreement.

 Regardless of the current situation of couples wanting to divorce in Italy, our team of Italian lawyers can assist with in-depth advice on the applicable legislation and on the procedures to end a marriage here.


The new Italian Divorce Law, dubbed “The Fast-Track Divorce Law”, allows for a shorter timeframe between the lodging of the divorce petition and the declaration of annulment by the Italian Court.

The new law establishes that consensual divorces will take six months, while contested divorces will be reduced to 12 months from the current procedure which can take up to three years.

What is the divorce procedure in Italy? 

Provided that the legal separation did not lead to the reconciliation of the parties, the next stage the spouses have to go through is the divorce itself.

One or both of the spouses can apply for a divorce in a period of six or twelve months since the legal separation was established.

The procedure starts by filing a petition with the local court, which requests the dissolution of the marriage

As a general rule, the petition can be filed at the court which has jurisdiction over the region where the spouse resides.

In the case of persons residing in other countries, they are allowed to file their petition at any competent court in Italy.

However, foreigners who are married with Italian citizens can also request to start the divorce procedure following the legislation available in their country of residence. 

It is necessary to know that during a divorce procedure in Italy, the local judges will have the right to decide on matters such as the custody of the children (if the spouses have minor children), maintenance of the spouse who does not have sufficient financial funds, as well as the assignment of the property, in the case in which the spouses have minor children. 

The Italian legislation protects the parent who has received the custody of the children and, in relation to this, the respective spouse can receive the marital property regardless if he or she owns it or not.

However, this regulation is applicable only if at the moment when the divorce takes place, thechildren are minors. Our divorce lawyer in Italy can provide more information on the legislation regulating the division of assets in the case of a divorce.

Plus, you can talk to us about the cost of a divorce in Italy.

The reasons for divorce in Italy which stipulate the manner in which Italian couples can file for divorce are stipulated by the following sources of law: the Law no. 898 of 1 December 1970, which was amended by the Law no.

436 of 1 August 1978, the Law no. 74 of 6 March 1987 and the Law no.

55 of 6 of May 2015, the most recently introduced law regarding the simplified divorce proceedings in Italy; our team of Italian lawyers can offer in-depth information on newest divorce regulations

The basic reasons that are prescribed by the civil legislation in Italy with regards to the right of filing for divorce refer to the following: legal separation, the annulment of the marriage, a new marriage of one of the spouses concluded in a foreign country, thenon-consummation of the marriage and the change of sex of one of the spouses. 

When we refer to the legal separation, the parties can file for divorce if the legal separation was obtained by mutual consent or by the application made by one of the spouses, in the following conditions: after twelve months since the couple filed for legal separation in front of the local courts or in a period of six months, in the case in which the legal separation was obtained through mutual consent. 

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It must be noted that divorce in Italy can also be obtained due to legal matters that are prescribed by the Criminal Law. For instance, one of the spouses can file for divorce if the other spouse is convicted for a serious crime that took place after the wedding. If a spouse was accused and sentenced for a serious crime, the other spouse can file for divorce if the sentence is longer than 15 years or if the spouse was sentenced to life imprisonment. 

Regardless of the reason for which the married couple filed for divorce (or if one of the spouses filed for divorce), there are several legal effects that will take place, and they are divided in four main categories, as follows: legal effects with regards to the relations between the two former spouses, the division of the marital property, the custody of the minor children of the couple and the obligation to pay child alimony

Depending on the particularities of a case, our team of lawyers in Italy can assist with in-depth legal advice on the rights and obligations the couple will have after the divorce;our experts can also provide legal representation in front of the Italian courts. With regards to the relation between the spouses after the divorce, it must be noted that the woman has the right to return to her maiden family name that she had prior to the marriage, if, once married, she took the name of the husband (a common practice in Italy). 

However, she may keep it if she wants to do so, regardless of the reason.

In the case in which the marriage is comprised by an Italian citizen and a foreign citizen who has acquired the Italian citizenship during the marriage, it must be noted that the latter will not lose his or her Italian citizenship after the dissolution of the marriage

Another effect of a divorce in Italy is that the joint estate of the couple will be dissolved

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Наши адвокаты качественно и оперативно предоставят юридическую помощь в Киеве, и окажут юридические услуги.

Предлагаем услуги юриста по недвижимости в Киеве, юрист по наследству в Киеве, адвокат по семейным делам и Вашу защиту в суде Киева и многое другое. Услуги адвоката в Киеве (юридические услуги в Киеве) достаточно востребованы в столице на сегодняшний день.

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  • Послуги адвоката в Києві, юридична допомога:
  • послуги юриста в сфері нерухомості,- юристи з питань боргів та суперечок за послуги ЖКГ в Києві,- оцінка угод з нерухомістю (купівля / продаж, ризики забудовника, перевірка документації забудовника),- юристи (адвокати) по спадкових справах в Києві (поновлення строку на прийняття спадщини, визнання права власності на майно через суд в порядку спадкування, спори між спадкоємцями),
  • — послуги досвідчених адвокатів з питань сімейного права і сімейних справах (розірвання шлюбу в судовому порядку, поділ майна подружжя, стягнення аліментів, позбавлення батьківських прав, встановлення порядку участі батьків у вихованні дітей, оформлення опікунства, отримання дозволу на виїзд дитини за кордон без згоди чоловіка, шлюбні контракти, складання договру про поділ майна подружжя, договорів про порядок виховання, побачень з дитиною, визначення порядку участі одного з батьків у вихованні дитини).

Досвідчені адвокати з господарського права (копоратівное право, корпоративні спори, банкрутство підприємств, оспорювання угод в суді, визнання недійсними різних господарських договорів, вирішення корпоративних конфліктів, медіація, супровід господарської діяльності підприємств, холдингів, бізнес-структур, мінімізація оподаткування, захист (представництво) юридичних осіб в судах). Наші адвокати (юристи) в Києві у цивільних і земельних справах допоможуть у вирішенні будь-яких спірних питань з земельними ділянками (суперечки між власниками земельних ділянок, оскарження рішень / розпоряджень, актів індивідуальної дії органів місцевого самоврядування в судовому порядку, визнання недійсними актів на землю в судовому порядку, відновлення порушених прав власників (користувачів) земельних ділянок через суд).

  1. — стягнення боргових зобов'язань за договорами позики (розписками),
  2. — суперечки з комунальними службами (ЖЕКами),
  3. — суперечки з контролюючими органами,
  4. — стягнення матеріальних збитків, стягнення шкоди, заподіяної третіми особами,
  5. — стягнення збитків, упущеної вигоди в цивільному судовому процесі,
  6. — скасування реєстрації місця проживання особи в житловому приміщенні (справи про примусове виселення осіб з житла),
  7. — спадкові спори (визнання права власності на нерухоме майно в порядку спадщини через суд, суперечки про розділ,

— виділення в натурі частин із загального нерухомого майна, розділ (виділення частини) квартири, будинку, землі, що знаходиться у спільній власності, а також інші цивільні спори.- зняття арешту, іпотеки, заборон відчуження нерухомого майна в судовому порядку.

 Досвідчені юристи та адвокати нашої компанії забезпечать Вам кваліфікований захист Ваших інтересів в судах не тільки міста Києва та Київської області, а також в межах всієї України і ближнього зарубіжжя.

Ми беремо участь в переговорах на стадії досудового врегулювання спорів (медіація), надаємо допомогу в складанні, глибокому правовому аналізі різних видів договорів (контрак) з нерухомістю, предоставяем кваліфіковані юридичні консультації, даємо правильні і корисні поради по праву і застосування законів.

Збереження адвокатської таємниці — це основне правило юридичної компанії «Столиця-Адвокат» — компанії, створеної для надання кваліфікованої та доступної правової допомоги жителям міста Києва та всієї України.Консультація юриста в Києві або послуги адвоката в Києві.

Причин для звернення до адвоката може бути дуже багато: роботодавці, які перевищують свої повноваження, житлові спори, право отримання спадщини, податкові питання, господарські та корпоративні спори між підприємствами, цивільні спори, питання по операціях з нерухомістю, а також проблеми, пов'язані з сімейними відносинами і багато інших труднощів у різних областях юриспруденції.Часто люди самостійно, без допомоги юриста в Києві, намагаються вирішувати свої юридичні проблеми. Не отримавши кваліфікованої юридичної консультації багато хто не припускають, що у вирішенні проблем, можливі несприятливі наслідки. Перш за все, подібне байдужість пов'язано з думкою про те, що адвокат потрібен, коли вже виникла проблема і тоді вже люди намагаються вимагати від адвоката в Києві виконання часом неможливих завдань. Наші адвокати (юристи) в Києві у цивільних і земельних справах допоможуть у вирішенні будь-яких спірних питань з земельними ділянками (суперечки між власниками земельних ділянок, оскарження рішень / розпоряджень, актів індивідуальної дії органів місцевого самоврядування в судовому порядку, визнання недійсними актів на землю в судовому порядку, відновлення порушених прав власників (користувачів) земельних ділянок через суд).

Також ми надаємо допомогу в цивільних справах, таких як: стягнення боргових зобов'язань за договорами позики (розписками), суперечки з комунальними службами (ЖЕКами), суперечки з контролюючими органами, стягнення матеріальних збитків, стягнення шкоди, заподіяної третіми особами, стягнення збитків, упущеної вигоди в цивільному судовому процесі, скасування реєстрації місця проживання особи в житловому приміщенні (справи про примусове виселення осіб з житла), спадкові спори (визнання права власності на нерухоме майно в порядку спадщини через суд), суперечки про розділ, виділення в натурі частин із загального нерухомого майна, розділ (виділення частини) квартири, будинку, землі, що знаходиться у спільній власності, а також інші цивільні спори.

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Юридична консультація — це одна з найбільш затребуваних на юридичному ринку послуг. Адвокати нашої компанії надають кваліфіковані консультації за доступну оплату. Звертаючись до нас, Ви в будь-який час можете отримати консультацію досвідченого юриста в Києві або професійні послуги адвоката в Києві.

Ми надаємо якісну і доступну юридичну допомогу, послуги адвоката, юридичні консультації для населення міста Києва та всієї України. Маємо великий досвід адвокатської практики в різних галузях права, великий досвід позитивно вирішених суперечок і судових справ! Ми завжди на зв'язку, дамо юридичні поради по телефону, а також за допомогою електроннолї пошти.

Family Law Lawyers andTop Rated Family Law Attorneys

The area of family law is composed of the legal relationships between family members. These relationships can include those of parents, children, spouses, domestic partners, and guardians. Issues involving family law can include: marriage, divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, reproductive rights, paternity, and domestic violence.

Family law encompasses the rules, regulations, and court procedures that involve the family unit. As such, it is not uncommon for cases that are heard in family court to be very personal and emotional.

Family law attorneys help their clients file for divorce or separation, child custody and visitation, child support, and alimony.

Experienced lawyers also assist their clients in establishing paternity, obtaining domestic violence restraining orders, property division, debt allocation, and parenting plans.


Adoption can be an emotional and legally complex process. Every situation varies from the next, as do the laws of each state. Once a party has decided to adopt, a home study process is required in all states.

A home study includes a series of interviews and home visits that are intended to evaluate the potential adoptive family or parent, and to help educate and prepare them for the upcoming adoption.

Once the parent or family is cleared for adoption, the next step is to find a child waiting for adoption, or a birth mother who is willing to go through the adoption process.

All adoptions must go through and be approved by the court in order to be legal and final. If you are considering adoption, look through our database to find a family law attorney in your jurisdiction who can assist you with every step of the adoption process.

Child Custody and Visitation

«Child custody» and «visitation» are terms frequently associated with separation and divorce cases.

Child custody cases can be contentious, especially in situations involving less-than friendly divorce or separation between parents. Either parent may be awarded custody, or it can be shared between them.

A visitation schedule can also be arranged, and usually, the court will approve the arrangement if the parents agree upon it prior to the hearing.

If the parents cannot come to an agreement on child custody and visitation, the judge will make a decision on their case. The court will always use the best interest of the child standard in consideration of custody cases, and will put the needs of the child ahead of those of his or her parents.

It is especially important for parents involved in custody issues to consult an experienced family law attorney for assistance in obtaining a reasonable, and mutually-agreeable parenting plan for their child.

Child Support

Child support is the financial support that is provided by a parent who does not have full custody of his or her child. The noncustodial parent can enter into a child support agreement voluntarily, by court order, or by an administrative agency.

It is important to remember, especially in contentious divorce or separation cases, that child support is exactly what the term implies, it is for the support and care of the child.

It is not for the custodial parent, rather, it is for the upbringing of the child in the middle of divorced or separated parents.


Guardianship generally refers to the role of an individual who makes decisions for a child or for another individual who is incapacitated and can’t make decisions for himself or herself, also known as a ward. The court generally prefers to appoint a guardian who has ties to the minor or ward, and because the role of a guardian comes with great responsibility, the decision is not taken lightly.

If you are interested in becoming a guardian, you should consult one of LegalMatch's family law lawyers for guidance on how to begin the process of guardianship with the court.


Establishing paternity is the legal process that is involved in determining the biological father of a child. In cases that involve married parents, paternity is usually determined by the father’s name appearing on the child’s birth certificate. In cases where a baby is born to a single mother, it often requires a court order to establish paternity.

Unwed fathers can sign a voluntary declaration that establishes paternity, and in turn, this acknowledgment allows the mother to seek child support and also may grant him parental rights. If you are wanting to establish or challenge paternity, contact an experienced paternity lawyer for assistance.


An alternative to divorce, a legal separation does not end the marriage.

However, similar to a divorce, it is possible to request the court to divide assets and debts, resolve custody issues, child support, and alimony issues.

Legal separation provides distance between the couple while leaving the marriage in place. Though separation may be a stepping stone to divorce, it does not necessarily have to end in divorce.

If you and your spouse are considering a legal separation, talk to a family law attorney for guidance. In some states, legal separation is a requirement prior to seeking a divorce, and an experienced lawyer can assist you in obtaining the right resolution for your situation.


Divorce is the official legal ending of a marriage. The laws of each state regarding the requirements of ending a marriage vary, but all require a judicial decree to dissolve the marriage. Some divorce cases are fairly simple, whereas others that involve children and assets, can be quite complicated.

Attorneys who specialize in divorce cases can navigate the legal process of obtaining a reasonable agreement for their clients, and LegalMatch can assist you with finding the right attorney for your needs.

Alimony or Spousal Support

Alimony or spousal support is the financial assistance awarded to the recipient spouse for purposes of allowing the spouse to maintain his or her standard of living prior to the divorce. Spousal support may be either temporary or permanent, and will vary on a case by case basis.

It is important for both spouses to seek the advice of counsel when alimony is at issue, and LegalMatch has a number of well-qualified attorneys in your jurisdiction who can assist you with all matters pertaining to your divorce.

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