Obtaining an identification code (ukrainian tax number)

obtaining an identification code (ukrainian tax number) Price of document: from UAH 800 Time required: 3 business days Discount on translation: -5%


To obtain an ITIN for a foreign citizen, we are going to need:

  • a power of attorney for our employee*;
  • a passport for traveling abroad with a notarized translation*;

* you can commission the translation to us (it will take maximum 30 minutes and will not delay the issue of the ITIN).

Please note:

We will hand you the notarized translation of your passport for traveling abroad together with the issued ITIN. You will then be able to use it for various purposes, such as for real estate purchase and sale transactions at the notary’s office or to apply for a residential permit.

What to consider

Get a quote and order obtaining an identification code (ukrainian tax number)

A taxpayer identification number (ITIN) is a unique number assigned to every taxpayer in Ukraine, including foreign nationals. Normally the number is issued after the 14th birthday, but it can also be obtained for a younger child.

When does a foreigner need an ITIN (Tax code)?

A foreigner may wish to get an ITIN in a number of cases:

  • If the foreigner wishes to be permanently resident in Ukraine.
  • If the foreigner is not permanently resident in Ukraine, but engages in activities that are subject to taxation in our country, such as opening bank accounts etc., regardless of the time for which he/she stays in the country.

Non-residents living in Ukraine under a residence permit can obtain their ITIN at the tax office appointed for their place of residence. In other cases, the foreign citizen must apply for his/her ITIN at the local office of the State Fiscal Service.

After obtaining an ITIN (Tax code), a foreign citizen can:

  • pursue employment or business activities;
  • perform business transactions, enter into agreements;
  • perform banking transactions;
  • apply for a residence permit or citizenship;
  • study at higher educational institutions;
  • receive financial benefits from the state;
  • acquire property, etc.

How to get an ITIN (Tax code) for a foreigner in Ukraine

The procedure of getting an ITIN for a foreigner is difficult and may take a while. When registering a foreign national as a taxpayer, his/her details must be entered into the State Register in the Ukrainian language. For that reason, prior to applying for an ITIN, a foreign citizen must translate his/her passport into Ukrainian and notarize the translation.

To save yourself from unnecessary worries and loss of time, contact our agency to get an ITIN for a foreign citizen!

obtaining an identification code (ukrainian tax number)

We will completely release you from all the fuss associated with getting an ITIN: we will give you free advice on the topic, prepare a set of required documents (if necessary, with a notarized Ukrainian translation), and collect your individual taxpayer identification number card (ITIN for a foreign citizen).

With our help, getting an ITIN for a foreigner will take 6 days maximum. It is even possible to speed up the things, if needed.

To get an ITIN (Tax code) for a foreign citizen, we are going to need:

  • a notarized power of attorney for our employee;
  • a passport for traveling abroad with a notarized translation.

If you do not have a notarized translation, we can deliver it in less than 30 minutes.

We will hand over you the notarized translation of your passport for traveling abroad together with the ITIN for a foreign citizen, so that you could use it for various purposes in future, such as for buying or selling real estate property or for getting a residence permit.

Identification code

obtaining an identification code (ukrainian tax number)

To Obtain the identification code of the Kharkov

Today, every modern citizen of Ukraine is obliged to have the so – called registration card number of the taxpayer, in other words-the identification number. The identification code is an individual set of digits in the total number of 10 pieces. As you know, at present, even a small child should get an identification code.

Kharkiv is a city of millions, and therefore not everyone can stand “kilometer” queues in the tax office. Therefore, if there is a need to obtain an identification code in Kharkov, it is better to resort to the services of a professional. Our company has extensive experience in this field, and

getting an identification code in Kharkiv: why is it important and what is it for?

The absence of an identification number will not allow:

  • conduct any real estate transaction;
  • conduct enforcement proceedings;
  • report to the tax office;
  • registration as an individual entrepreneur, etc.

obtaining an identification code (ukrainian tax number)

Where to get the identification code in Kharkiv?

For registration of TIN is only necessary to have a passport of a citizen of Ukraine or a foreigner. In the second case, you will also need an official and certified translation of the document into Ukrainian.

In addition to the required set of documents, often people are interested in the question of where to get an identification code in Kharkov? The answer to this question is quite simple, as the registration and issuance of this type of documents is engaged in the fiscal service (in other words – the tax Inspectorate).

the Restoration of the identification code of the Kharkiv replacement at the change of name

obtaining an identification code (ukrainian tax number)

How to make a child identification code?

Also, turning for help to the passport service in Kharkov, our consultants will tell:

  1. how to restore the identification code in Kharkov;
  2. identification code for the child how to get Kharkiv.

We will not only be able to release the client from the collection of documents and loss of time, but also in his absence to get the registration card number of the taxpayer.
Therefore, if you need an identification code for the child, and how to get it in Kharkov, you now know.

Passport service in Kharkiv – KH-PASSPORT, provides assistance in migration issues, such as obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine (residence permit) and a full range of other legal services.

Identification Code — How to get the identification number

Get the ID number can be a citizen of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons.

Fast (from 1 w.d.)

Law cost

Catering service

Please fill in the required fields.

Error submitting the form. Try again.

Thank you, wait for the call.

Get the ID number can be a citizen of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons.
ID number is required to enable a person has committed a number of actions, including:

  • transactions by a notary (including purchase / sale of real estate or cars on the territory of Ukraine);
  • banking operations (opening a bank account.);
  • design work;
  • the opening of a legal entity or an entrepreneur registration;
  • admission to an educational institution, and others.

With the legalization of foreigners in Ukraine, we recommend immediately receive an identification number, as sooner or later the need for this may be the most unexpected moment.

How to obtain an identification code

Obtaining an identification number for a foreigner is possible in the event of his stay on the territory of Ukraine at the time of receipt, and in his absence in Ukraine.
In the second case, to obtain the identification number required power of attorney for our employee's name.

Often employers are interested in the question about the possibility of obtaining permission for foreigner employment prior to his arrival in Ukraine and possible difficulties with the paperwork in connection with the absence of a foreigner (including obtaining an identification number).

If there is a power of attorney from a foreigner (which may be issued, in particular, abroad and transferred to Ukraine) all activities related to the employment of foreigners in Ukraine (including obtaining an identification number), you can perform up to his arrival in Ukraine.

The list of documents, required to obtain an identification code

Provides client
Provides client
Provides client
Prepare our lawyers
Prepare our lawyers
1 translation of the first page of the passport with personal data of a foreigner / stateless person (notarized);
2 power of attorney

Prices and terms

Cost of a standard procedure (5 w.d.) 650 UAH
Expedited procedure cost (3-4 w.d.) 1050 UAH
Emergency clearance cost (1-2 w.d.) 1700 UAH
We ensure that you received the results of our services will meet your expectations and legislative requirements by 100%.

obtaining an identification code (ukrainian tax number)

Roman V.

Migration Lawyer

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obtaining an identification code (ukrainian tax number)

Identification code – Ukraine. To get ITN in Kiev, taxpayer’s number – Jur Klee

One of the basic documents, which you will need for registration of any document, is the identification code. Ukraine began to issue ITN (individual tax number) in 1996 after the adoption of the correspondent law. We can say that almost every citizen of Ukraine since the age of 16 should have such document.

obtaining an identification code (ukrainian tax number)

How to get ITN of physical person

Before getting this document, you need to understand why you need it. The necessity for it arose out upon the registration of all citizens-taxpayers in the Common State Register of Ukraine. The number itself consists of 10 digits, in which your date of birth and sex are encrypted.

You need to present it in the following cases:

  • Opening account in bank;
  • Registration of subsidy or social assistance;
  • Upon applying in the majority of public or private organizations;
  • For marriage conclusion.

Our company appreciates the personal time of its clients, therefore, we can register ITN without your participation.

Cost of identification number

Applying to our company you will get rid of possible queues and repeated trips in the tax inspection. We can get the identification code in Kiev and send it to you personally by one of the delivery services wherever you are. The company JurKlee allows getting ITN in the shortest terms and at minimal price:

To get identification code 600 UAH 5 working days

*the price is not a public offer

  • Get ITN
  • Simply send us your photo or your passport scan
  • Order ITN

Please note that we can register this document for the citizens, who have reached 16 years and have the Ukrainian passport.

For getting ITN you need to present:

  • The photo or the scan of your passport;
  • The Power of attorney on the name of our company employees.

You may send the photo by one of the convenient for you means: Skype, E-mail or through the form of documents sending. For the detailed information concerning the issuance of Power of attorney you can order the back call or contact us via one of mentioned contact data.

Why the cooperation with our company is beneficial

The employees of Translation Bureau JurKlee are making every effort to ensure that you do not care about all sorts of nuances and bureaucratic moments. Therefore, applying to us, you will get:

  • gratuitous consultation on the interesting for you issue;
  • getting the taxpayer’s identification number without your participation;
  • delivery of ready document by mailing service in any point of Ukraine or another country.

After seeing the results of our work, you will certainly apply to us again. We are waiting for your call!

Obtain a tax number for a foreigner in Ukraine

  • Foreign citizens in Ukraine cannot do without an individual tax number.
  • The identification number of the taxpayer is the number of the individual (foreign citizen), which allows him to be identified for tax purposes and other operations.
  • The identification number can be issued for foreign citizens and stateless persons who are located on the territory of Ukraine and abroad through representatives.
  • The taxpayer identification number of foreign citizens may also be required for business registration in Ukraine, registration by an Individual entrepreneur, opening a bank account, purchase and sale of the property, and reporting to the tax authorities upon the occurrence of income in Ukraine.
  • Our company is ready to provide you with a range of services for obtaining an identification number for foreign citizens.
  • The timing and cost of registration of the identification number of foreign citizens,
  • The deadline for registration of an identification number for foreign citizens is 5 working days.
  • The cost of legal services: 1500 UAH.
  • The cost of one notarized power of attorney (in case of its certification on the territory of Ukraine) — 500 UAH.
  • The cost of official translating the documents and in front of a notary — negotiable
obtaining an identification code (ukrainian tax number)
       Call our lawyer now

+38 067 469 85 88

You can get the following range of legal services:

  • Preliminary analysis of the documents and information provided, determining the possibility of obtaining the identification number of the taxpayer;
  • Consultative support of a foreign citizen at all stages of the process;
  • Preparation of all the necessary documents to obtain the identification number of the taxpayer;
  • Obtaining the identification number of the taxpayer in the Tax authorities;
  • Assistance in obtaining the necessary certificates, translation and notarization of documents (if necessary).

Documents and information required to obtain an identification number for foreign citizens:


  • A copy of the passport of a foreign citizen, certified by a translation agency or notarized (in the event that the translation of the passport is certified outside Ukraine, the notarized signature of the translator must be apostilled or legalized in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine).
  • A notarized power of attorney for representation of interests — we give a sample free of charge (if the power of attorney is issued outside the territory of Ukraine, it must be apostilled or legalized in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine).


  • Information about the address of residence of a foreign citizen in Ukraine or abroad.
  • Information about the place of work or other occupation.
  • Information about the phone number.

The 6 main advantages that you get by obtaining an identification number for foreign citizens by our company:

  1. The integrated approach: our company also provides services in the sphere of the legalization of foreign citizens, business registration, accounting services, the implementation of related legal services (obtaining licenses, permits, development of contracts, accreditation at customs).
  2. Save time:
  • our lawyers will independently develop projects of all necessary documents;
  • the presence of a foreign citizen is necessary only once — at the notary;
  1. High-quality legal services (qualified specialists are involved in obtaining an identification number for foreign citizens);
  2. Our specialists (lawyers and accountants) will inform about the need for foreign citizens to use the identification number;
  3. Free consultation on all problems related to registration of the identification number to foreign citizens.
  4. We guarantee 100% result of the work performed.

Additionally, we can provide the following services:

  • The implementation of notarized translations of documents into the Ukrainian language (passports, powers of attorney, etc.).
  • Registration of medical certificates to foreign citizens.
  • Registration of business in Ukraine.
  • Registration of a work permit in Ukraine (in the event that the founder, an individual, plans to occupy a certain position in the company).
  • Registration of a temporary residence permit in Ukraine.
  1. Legal aspects of obtaining an identification tax number for foreigners.
  2. The detailed financial plan for immigration to Ukraine.
  3. The identification number determines the possibility of taxing the profits of foreign citizens and is necessary to deal with many state authorities of Ukraine and institutions.
  4. The identification number is indicated in all certificates, patents, and other documents issued to a foreign citizen, in all tax reports, payment documents on taxes and fees, and financial documents.
  5. The taxpayer identification number does not change during the whole period.
  6. Legal regulation of obtaining an identification number for foreign citizens:

Resolution of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine dated 10.12.2013 No. 779 «On approval of the Regulation on the registration of individuals in the State Register of individuals — taxpayers».

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of March 1, 2017 No. 118 «On approval of the Rules for issuing visas for entry into Ukraine and transit through its territory.»

How can a foreigner get tax ID in Ukraine

If foreigners or stateless persons want to hold large financial operations or for some other actions they will need a Ukrainian tax ID code.

Taking into account that its obtaining is connected with filling in a long application in Ukrainian, the procedure may become problematic for a foreigner who doesn’t know Ukrainian perfectly.

If you have such a problem, lawyers of “Bachynskyy, Kolomiets and partners” are glad to make your life easier.

Situations, when presence of Ukrainian tax ID is compulsory:

  • If a foreigner is to be employed in Ukraine;
  • Enrollment to higher educational institution;
  • Registration as a private entrepreneur or establishment of business in Ukraine;
  • Achievement of the status of a shareholder in LLC or JSC;
  • Opening a bank account;
  • When concluding civil bargains that are notarized (purchase of real estate, prenuptial agreements, etc.)
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The documents needed:

  • Passport, its translation into Ukrainian and its copy;
  • Application form (the form is approved by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and may be found on the Internet).

Yes, the list is short and these documents are to be submitted to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. The documents are examined during 7 days and then you can get your tax ID code.

If your religious principles forbid you to use an identification code, you have the right not to get it. Then, a serial number of your passport will be used instead.

When getting Ukrainian tax ID the most of problems may appear at the stage of translation (if there is a difference in certain documents) and filling in the application form, if a person doesn’t know how to do that.

FAQ by foreigners while obtaining identification code (tax ID):
– Does tax ID provide the right to reside in Ukraine?
Obtaining identification code provides no additional advantages or preferences to foreigners. In fact, it is only a code identification and it bears no legal consequences for a foreigner.

– What is identification number (tax ID) for ?
A foreigner with no identification code can not perform any legal actions, such as: 1) any notarial acts; 2) the purchase of real estate by foreigners; 3) registration of a legal entity (company) by a foreigner in Ukraine.

– Can a foreigner obtain identification number without his/her presence?
In order to get the identification number or to submit documents to obtain it without the personal presence of the foreigner must have a notarized power of attorney.

At the same time, a foreigner can not issue notarial acts without identification code. But for this case there is a special power of attorney only for getting identification number (tax id) without the personal presence of the foreigner.

To avoid potential problems and overcome all the difficulties, contact professionals. Our company “Bachynskyy, Kolomiets and partners” is glad and always ready to provide you with qualitative services. Call us +380960020100

Obtainment of an Tax Identification Number in Ukraine

Based on 200 reviews in Google Daniel Holmes, Citizen of USA Based on our positive experience of cooperation with Volodymyr Gurlov and his team we can recommend them as a reliable legal advisor on the matters of Ukrainian law… A copy of alien’s passport Power of attorney for our lawyers

A foreigner may be required to obtain an identification code (TIN) in Ukraine/Kyiv in the following cases:

  • To register a legal entity in Ukraine;
  • If a foreigner wants to become one of the shareholders or founders of a legal entity in Ukraine;
  • To get employed in Ukraine and obtain a work permit;
  • If a foreigner wants to buy real estate in Ukraine;
  • If a foreigner wants to study in Ukraine;
  • To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine;
  • When applying for Ukrainian citizenship;
  • If for any reason a foreigner needs to open a bank account in Ukraine.

The period and the cost of obtaining an identification code for a foreigner in Ukraine

The basic cost of company services is UAH 5,000. If you want to get a TIN in one day — from UAH 15,000. 

Please note that obtaining an identification code is included in the service packages and is usually already included in the service price.

Obtaining an identification code in 1 business day means that you will get the code on the next business day following the date of payment for the service.

Possibility to get a TIN within 1 business day is agreed in every particular case.

It’s also worth noting that we must have a notarized copy of passport and power of attorney for the representative in Ukraine at the moment of assigning the deadline.

The cost of services does not cover the documents transfer, notary fees associated with the execution of a power of attorney and translation of the passport.

The timeframe for obtaining an identification code for a foreigner at the basic cost of services will be up to 3-4 business days.

Documents required to obtain a TIN for a foreign citizen in Ukraine

List of documents for obtaining a TIN in Ukraine:

  • A copy of the passport;
  • Translation of the passport into Ukrainian, certified by notary;
  • A power of attorney for our lawyer, executed in accordance with the requirements of the law.

If a foreigner is not in Ukraine, the work starts with receiving a copy of the passport by email. On the basis of the passport we prepare a power of attorney, which the Client has to sign and notarize in the country of stay, and in future — to apostille and send to Ukraine.

If a foreigner is in Ukraine, we need a copy of the passport certified by a notary, with a mark of entry into Ukraine. When working with a Client, we arrange translation and notarization of the document.

In addition, we also need information on the place of birth of the foreign citizen and his/her address of residence in Ukraine.

Tax identification number in Ukraine is issued by the tax service in Ukraine, more precisely by its local subdivisions.

As the result our Client can get an original of Ukrainian tax identification number.

Contact us by mail [email protected], by phone number +38 044 499 47 99or by filling out the form:

Recovering of TIN for a citizen of the Slovak Republic in Ukraine Getting a TIN for a Canadian citizen in Ukraine

After reaching a final agreement on the timing of services and their cost, the Сlient signs an agreement with the company and pays for the services. After that, the Client provides the documents specified in the section “Required Documents” (a handover certificate is signed).

Employees of the company carry out all necessary actions for foreign citizens to obtain a TIN and deliver original documents confirming the assignment of a TIN in Ukraine (along with signing the handover certificate) within the specified period.

The procedure for provision of TIN services for a foreign citizen in Ukraine may be changed by mutual agreement.

What documents do I need to get a TIN in Ukraine for children?

If you need to get a TIN in Ukraine for a child, for example, to further obtain a permanent residence permit in Ukraine, the application for a TIN must be submitted by one of the parents of the child.

Also, a copy of the parent’s passport and a copy of the child’s birth certificate shall be added to the application.

Both documents must be translated into Ukrainian and the translation must be certified by the notary.

Do I need to pay a state fee for a TIN in Ukraine?

No, there is no state fee for the issuance of a TIN in Ukraine.

Our firm works according to the principle of strict adherence to our own service quality standards. Among other things, we offer:

  • Reliability. If we undertake a task — it will be solved. We strictly comply with the agreements.
  • Ease of communication. We are always in touch. Our Client Manager provides you with reports during the whole period of cooperation. There is no language barrier for us; our English-speaking lawyers are ready to help you and explain the problematic moments.
  • Goal-oriented approach as distinguished from a task focus. We always examine in detail every situation as a whole because we realize that lack of specialized legal education prevents our Clients from seeing the bigger picture. We always keep in mind your final goal and can promptly suggest the priority of tasks and the sequence of their implementation.

You are our partner and we will take care of you even after our cooperation and successful completion of the case.

If you need help in obtaining a TIN in Ukraine, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Individual Taxpayer Identification Number in Ukraine — Law firm "Viktor Reshetov & Partners"

  • Official name of the tax identification number/code (tax ID number/code) is:
  • —          Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
  • or
  • —          Registration number of an individual taxpayer in the State Register of Individual Taxpayers
  • Frequently mistaken with:

Individual tax number – in Ukraine it is a taxpayer number for a value-added tax. It is required only for entrepreneurs (businessmen) who pay VAT.

  1. Who is required to receive a tax ID number?
  2. Any individual (citizen), required to pay taxes in Ukraine.
  3. Foreigners usually require a tax number in the following cases:
  4. —          permanent residency in Ukraine;
  5. —          business establishment;
  6. —          registration as a private entrepreneur;
  7. —          employment in Ukraine;
  8. —          real estate purchase or any other form of notarial transaction;
  9. —          education in Ukraine;
  10. —          opening of a bank account;
  11. —          obtaining citizenship (naturalization);
  12. and others. 
  13. Where do foreigners obtain a tax ID number in Ukraine?

At the regional departments of the State Tax Service (STS), at the place of expected employment or at the place of permanent residence (if available).  In Kiev, for example, one could obtain a tax ID at the City Department of the STS (Sholudenka Street 33/19, Kiev).

  • Documents, required for obtaining a tax ID number.
  • —          Passport copy with a notarized Ukrainian translation;
  • —          Filled in the standard application form.
  • Our help with obtaining a tax ID number in Kiev.  
  • Service costs – 50 Euro;
  • Terms – 5 -10 days;
  • In addition to the passport copy, we also need a notarized letter of authorization from you.
  • We will process and submit the application ourselves.
  • Attention! The following sentence must be included in the letter of authorization: “… to delegate my interests at the Central office of the Revenue Department in Kiev, regarding the issues of filing and obtaining the document which verifies registration in the State Register of Individual Taxpayers…”
  • In case you wish to continue with some other services, it is recommended to agree with us on the contents of the letters of authorization required.  
  • National identification number Ukraine.
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Foreigners buying property in Ukraine. What can be done before purchase?

Ukraine property. What does a foreign citizen need to buy a flat in Ukraine?

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  2. Legalization of documents in Ukraine.
  3. Opening a Bank Account in Ukraine for Foreigner or Nonresident

Checking your counteragent (business partner, company). Business in Ukraine.

Obtaining of Identification tax code — Legal company ENTIRE

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ENTIRE legal company provides service of obtaining of Identification tax code for foreigners. Our advantages – individual approach and the lowest price.

Identification tax code is a digital code required for every taxpayer to account for in tax authorities.

When it’s neccecary to obtain Identification tax code

Foreigners are required to obtain Identification tax code in following cases:

  • Employment in Ukraine;
  • Entrance into the founders or shareholders of a legal entity;
  • Registration of individual entrepreneurs;
  • Admission to educational insitutions;
  • Opening an account with banking institutions;
  • Obtaining of residence permit in Ukraine;
  • Receiving of citizenship of Ukraine.

List of documents which must be submitted for obtaining of Identification tax code

Obtaining of Identification tax code requires the submission of the following documents:

  • Application form for obtaining Identification tax code (fill the form).
  • Notarial translation of a foreigner’s passport (except foreigners with residence permit).
  • Power of attorney or a notarized copy of the power of attorney, if the application is submitted by a representative.
  • Сopy of the passport page marking the last crossing of the Ukrainian border by a foreigner (if the application is submitted by a representative).
  • Copy of the passport of the authorized person submitting the documents.

The package of documents is submitted to the State Tax Administration of Kyiv (if the person has a residence permit, it is possible to submit documents to the tax authority at the place of registration).

Price and term of obtaining Identification tax code

Cost of service – from 1000 uah.

Deadline – 5 working days

The additional costs associated with the issuance of a power of attorney and the notarial translation of the passport are separately paid.

The deadline for receiving Identification tax code is specified from the day of submission of documents.

How to obtain a tax number for a child

It is possible to obtain registration number of the taxpayer’s account card for a child in the following way.

1.      By submitting documents to the controlling body:

According to Paragraph 70.5 Article 70 of the Tax Code of Ukraine and Paragraph 1 Section VII of the Regulation on registration of individuals in the State register of individuals – taxpayers approved by the Order of the Ministry of Finance as of 29.09.

2017 № 822 (hereinafter – the Regulation № 822), an individual regardless of age (both resident and non-resident) who is not included in the State register of individuals – taxpayers (hereinafter – the State register) is obliged to personally or through a representative to submit to the relevant controlling body the registration card of individual – taxpayer in the form № 1DR (hereinafter – the Registration card № 1DR), which is simultaneously an application for registration in the State register and is obliged to present an identity document containing the necessary requisites for registration (surname, name, patronymic (if any), date of birth, place of birth, place of residence, citizenship).

Paragraph 4 Section VII of the Regulation № 822 stipulates that the Registration cards № 1DR of minors (up to 14 years old) are submitted by one of the parents (adoptive parent, guardian, custodian) in the presence of child’s birth certificate and document certifying the identity of one of the parents (adoptive parent, guardian, custodian). If the child’s birth certificate is not issued in Ukrainian language, it is necessary to submit a certified translation of such certificate in Ukrainian (returned upon presentation) and a copy in the prescribed legislative manner.

  • If there is a need to register minors in the State register who have been left without parental care and in respect of whom no decision has been made to establish guardianship (custody), documents for registration are submitted by representative of the guardianship authority with documentary evidence of the representative and his / her duties in the presence of birth certificate.
  • According to Paragraph 6 Section III of the Regulation № 822, citizens of Ukraine submit documents for registration in the State register to the controlling body at their tax address (place of residence) and those who are temporarily outside the settlement or do not have a permanent place of residence in Ukraine – to any controlling body.
  • Registration of individual in the State register is carried out within three working days from the date of submission of the Registration card № 1DR to the controlling body.

In case of detection of inaccurate data or mistakes in submitted Registration card № 1DR for entering the surname, name, patronymic, date or place of birth, place of residence, etc., the individual may be denied in registration (in case of inability to correct inaccurate data or mistakes in due time) or the registration period will be extended to 10 working days.

  1. At the request of individual or his / her representative, the controlling body issues a document certifying registration in the State register (the taxpayer’s card (Annex 3)), in accordance with the procedure specified in Regulation № 822.
  2. Document certifying registration in the State register of minors is issued to one of the parents (adoptive, guardian, custodian) in the presence of a child’s birth certificate and document certifying the identity of one of the parents (adoptive, guardian, custodian) during three working days from the date of application to the controlling body at the place of individual’s residence and may be extended up to five working days in case of application to another controlling body.
  3.  2.      By submitting documents in the electronic form:

As of today, the Registration card № 1DR and copies of documents required for registration in the State register can be submitted electronically using the information and telecommunication system “Electronic cabinet” (cabinet.tax.gov.ua) (hereinafter – the Electronic cabinet).

Access to the Electronic cabinet is carried out at the address: http://cabinet.tax.gov.ua, as well as through the official web portal of the State Tax Service.

The Electronic Cabinet consists of two functional parts: open (public) and private (personal account).

Login to the private part (personal account) of the Electronic cabinet is carried out after the user passes electronic identification online using a qualified electronic signature of any accredited key certification center – the qualified provider of electronic trust services or through the Integrated electronic identification system – id.gov.ua (MobileID and BankID).

For the taxpayer’s information support and assistance using the Electronic cabinet there is opened private part of the Electronic cabinet which contains the “Help” mode, which contains user’s instructions from each mode of the Electronic cabinet.

 3.      Within the framework of implementation of the experimental project “E-Baby”:

It is also possible to register a child in the State register within the framework of draft project to create favorable conditions for realization of child’s rights and in accordance with the Procedure for providing a comprehensive service “E-Baby”, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as of 10.07.2019 № 691, in order to obtain a set of administrative services by one application, namely:

—          at the request of child’s parents or one of them to register a child in the State register during the state registration of his / her birth;

—          individuals of 14 to 18 years old who are not registered in the State register, at their request during the registration of a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for the first time.

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