The procedure for divorce in ukraine

the procedure for divorce in ukraine

A divorce is a rather complicated process. The standard procedure can actually embody the myth of Sisyphus. And you will play the unenviable role of the poor man who has been trying for a long time and unsuccessfully to roll a huge stone to the top of a mountain.

A divorce also involves a lot of seemingly pointless work. For example, any application filled in inaccurately may increase the period of divorcement by months.

Of course, a dissolution of a marriage is accompanied by many individual subtleties.

However, if you need a divorce attorney, things are probably not going well for you. There is also good news: you will always find in Alva Privacy affordable and qualified legal aid.

A divorce lawyer from Alva Privacy will not glue a broken cup but will make sure that you are not injured by its fragments. You can count on both effective solutions and comprehensive legal services that include legal support throughout the process.

What legal issues can a divorce attorney help you solve?

the procedure for divorce in ukraine

  • Divorce with or without consent from one of the spouses;
  • Distribution of property;
  • Issues of child custody;
  • Payment of alimony;

Each of these items includes dozens of different life circumstances, for which not a single article will suffice. At the same time, it is enough to understand that Alva Privacy will help you to resolve any legal issues related to a divorce in Kyiv, Ukraine.

An experienced lawyer will make sure that the very stressful procedure works as quickly as possible, smoothly and with a positive result for you.

Legal assistance in a divorce case in Kyiv, Ukraine

Divorce lawyer consultation Our company’s key priority is to be frank and open with the client. Legal advice will help you look at the situation in the juridical field. You will learn what you can expect in a given situation and how long it will take. The consultation will also help you decide on the necessity and scope of further legal assistance.
Peaceful settlement of the conflict Divorce by mutual consent significantly speeds up the procedure. However, there are many nuances that can delay the process. To get a divorce without unpleasant surprises, you will need the legal assistance of a lawyer.
Representation in court A conflict of interests between spouses leads to a court hearing. Being assisted by a qualified lawyer in a divorce case in Kyiv, you will have the upcoming process greatly simplified. In some situations you do not even have to come to the courtroom if you have no desire to. A competent attorney specializing in divorce will represent you.

Why should you contact us in case of divorce?

the procedure for divorce in ukraine

  1. Attorney-client privilege. At Alva Privacy Law Firm, your personal information is closed from prying eyes as securely as secret intelligence encryption. Our law firm always adheres strictly to the confidentiality of clients.
  2. Narrow focus. Alva Privacy lawyers have extensive professional experience. They are very professional family lawyers who know how to achieve the desired result in practice.
  3. Reasonable price. Divorce lawyer services are paid. However, this is a very affordable investment that will save not only time but also nerves. In addition, in some cases, the financial benefit of legal assistance is much greater than the cost of the services of a divorce lawyer.
  • So, if you want the divorce process to go as smoothly as possible, just contact us in any way convenient for you.
  • Our lawyer is ready to start working on your divorce right now!
  • We are waiting for your calls and applications by mail.
  • Best regards — the team of the law firm ALVA PRIVACY

Marriage: Easy Come, Easy Go

the procedure for divorce in ukraine

Over the past few years, Ukraine’s divorce rate has risen to the top among European countries, with 5.3 divorces per 1,000 people. This despite the fact that Ukrainians are overwhelmingly eager to get married – more so than people in Western Europe where every third marriage is civil, compared to every tenth in Ukraine. Experts claim that while Ukrainians often get married as early as possible, they do not know how to maintain their marriages. The major factors leading to broken families include constant financial strain and the fact that the generation raised in the 90s – when Ukrainian society plummeted into a psychological and demographic abyss – is now ready to get married.


“Ukrainians are a matrimonially active nation,” says social psychologist Andriy Strutynsky. “But this is more of a bubble: people get married early and easily, and they split up the same way.

The family is no longer the crucial element holding society together. Very often, we don’t take marriage seriously, and we break it. Financial factors matter, too. As a result, respect for marriage fades.

And remember alcoholism, one of the fiercest pandemics tormenting Ukraine. It destroys 20-25% of all marriages.”

Serhiy and Liudmyla, a Zhytomyr-based couple, have lived together for six years. They have a son, Oleksiy. Serhiy wants a divorce because he has met another woman and wants to start a new life with her.

The only unresolved issue between him and his ex-wife is the child: Liudmyla threatens never to allow him to see his son. However, Ukrainian statistics signal that children rarely hold marriages together, as up to 50% of divorces occur in families with children.

The number of single-parent families increases annually, hitting 20% in 2012. Children remain with the mother in 90% of all cases.

The Kyiv-based Okhrymenkos are in the process of getting divorced. Oleh and Olha have spent nine years together. They have no children although they had been planning to have one this year. Both say that they got married for love.

“It’s hard for me to live with a woman who, after so many years together, does not understand that every man has hard times sometimes – financially and psychologically,” Oleh says. “My business has been declining over the past two years as a result of the ongoing pressure from tax authorities.

Obviously, we’ve had a much lower income and could no longer afford the life we were used to. Instead of supporting me during this difficult time, my wife began to nag at me. I had not agreed to that when we got married.”

Olha says that her husband is insensitive and cannot be the head of the family. “He often comes home drunk, and that has been the last straw for me. I won’t tolerate an alcoholic at home. My father drank and it was terrible,” she complains.  

This is typical for Ukraine. According to experts, an average married couple in Ukraine divorces after 11 years of marriage driven by a crisis in the relationship.

The most widespread reasons include financial difficulties accompanied by alcohol addiction, ultimately leading to irreconcilable differences. Moreover, the divorce procedure is very simple and the cost of child support is absurdly low.

These are two more factors that encourage Ukrainians to treat marriage irresponsibly.

An average divorce procedure in Ukraine takes a month and a half compared to at least a year for the court to register the appeal in many European countries.

Child support usually costs the husband a small percentage of his official salary (excluding unreported earnings) and rarely prevents the divorce. At just UAH 300-400 or USD 36-50 per month, child support is very affordable for most men working in big cities.

Ukrainian law only provides for child support, while many foreign jurisdictions require an ex-husband to support his ex-wife through alimony until she remarries.

the procedure for divorce in ukraine

“A normal government is always interested in encouraging people to get married and keep their marriage strong,” claims sociologist Serhiy Mazurets. “Family is the cornerstone of society. Earlier, it was supposed to provide new hands to work and fight. Today, it has become an important socio-economic unit.

Statistics show that married people spend twice as much as single people do, thus families make a much more significant contribution to a stable social life. Moreover, single men tend to be more aggressive and radical.

However, in 20 years of independence, the Ukrainian government has never articulated a clear marriage or family policy.”


According to research conducted by the Research & Branding Group, 79% of Ukrainians got married following their emotions, while 15% were guided by reasonable motives.

“An important reason for the irresponsible attitude towards marriage in Ukraine is the immature hypersensitivity about family life,” says psychologist Nadiya Artyshko.  “Most get married because they are carried away by their emotions, which is not inherently bad.

The problem with marriage is that feelings alone can not solve any problems once the initial wave of emotions has faded, leaving bare routine and reality. There is another interesting difference: most Western Europeans first live in a civil union and then get married officially.

By contrast, most civil unions in Ukraine fail to generate a full-scale family and eventually fall apart. This is because Ukrainians have no confidence in the future or themselves, and society is infantile.”

Certificate of Divorce from Ukraine

  • (only for documents issued in Ukraine after 1943 to present time.
  • Documents issued on the territory of Ukraine before 1943 kept at the corresponding regional archives – we do not provide services for obtaining documents from archives, you can find the contact information of local archives in the Internet yourself)
  • )
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You can contact the registry office at the place of divorce and get a Divorce Certificate in person. The procedure might take few hours or few days.

Or you can fill out an application form on our website and request a certified copy of Divorce Certificate.

Usually it takes about 1-2 hour within business hours to respond your request to e-mail with the information on process terms and costs. The processing of Divorce Certificate retrieval  takes 3-4 business days. After that the document is ready to be picked up in our office or we can send it  by courier or regular mail within Ukraine or abroad.

Persons authorized to apply for a Copy of Divorce Certificate: ex-spouses

the procedure for divorce in ukraine
Complete the application form

  • customer sends completed application form online or send the email with the required informaton to
  • we reply with the information on conditions, costs and terms of obtaining the Divorce Certificate, providing a sample power of attorney for the process
  • we register the order after receiving the original power of attorney from the apllicant
  • we obtain a certified copy of Divorce Certificate and send you a scanned copy of the certificate to your email
  • upon final payment your order is ready to be picked up in our office or we can send it by mail or courier to the address in Ukraine or internationally.

If you need a copy of Ukraine Divorce Certificate to be valid for foreign countries, please specify the country in which Divorce Certificate will be used when comleting the order form, and we will get necessary authentication seal according to international requirements – with the Apostille seal or with the seals of Legalization of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine and the Consular Legalization seals on the Divorce Certificate

Divorce, Types, Effect, Procedure, and Cause

the procedure for divorce in ukraine

A divorce is the legal dissolution of a marital relationship. This includes legal separation and annulment. The process can take place in court or through an agreement between the spouses. Divorce law varies by jurisdiction and the specific type of marriage. Common reasons for divorce include irreconcilable differences, infidelity, lack of sexual intimacy, and conflict over children.

There is no universal definition of how a divorce works, however, there are several aspects that go into it:

– The spouses agree to end their marriage – There must be no chance of reconciliation between the spouses.

It is important to understand the legal system before you are married. Many people are not aware of what they are getting into when they marry someone. They might think that marriage is a lifetime commitment with no way out.

If you have to go through a divorce, it is best to know the process and how it might affect your finances in order to prepare in advance

The Complete Guide to Divorce and How It Affects the Traditional Family

This article discusses the effects of divorce on the traditional family and how to handle it.

Permanent separation is a source of stress not only for you but also for your children. The biggest reason why many parents choose to remain in their marriages or divorce later is to avoid the pain that divorce can cause for their children.

Divorce is often considered one of the worst ways to end a relationship, but this isn’t always true. It can be worth it when you’re ready for something new and exciting in your life.

When a couple decides to end their marriage, there are several types of divorce that they can choose from. The most common type of divorce is a no-fault divorce.

This type of divorce does not require the spouses to prove any wrongdoing or action on their part to dissolve their marriage.

The second most common type of divorce is a fault-based divorce which requires one spouse to show wrongdoing or action on their part.

Americans Moving Towards Divorce as a Result of the “American Dream”

The “American Dream” has always been a myth, but it is still something that many Americans live by. People believe that by simply working hard and making sacrifices they can achieve the American Dream.

Unfortunately, this dream doesn’t always come true. Many Americans are becoming disillusioned by the American Dream which leads to divorce rates rising. The dream seems unattainable for some because of the cost of living in our country which makes it very difficult to simply work hard for a living wage or provide for their family’s needs without any help from social welfare.

The divorce rate in America has grown significantly over the past few years, which has led to an increase in alimony payments and child support demands as well as other forms of debt collection activity.

What is Divorce and How does it Actually Work?

A divorce is the legal dissolution of a marital relationship. This includes legal separation and annulment. The process can take place in court or through an agreement between the spouses. Divorce law varies by jurisdiction and the specific type of marriage. Common reasons for divorce include irreconcilable differences, infidelity, lack of sexual intimacy, and conflict over children.

There is no universal definition of how a divorce works, however, there are several aspects that go into it:

– The spouses agree to end their marriage – There must be no chance of reconciliation between the spouses.

How Do You Get a Divorce in the USA?

The process of getting divorced in the U.S. is complicated and not always easy, but it can be done. You will need to gather evidence that your spouse or ex-spouse does not have grounds to contest the divorce, set up legal separation, start negotiating, and then file for divorce after mutual consent has been reached.

What is the Most Common Cause?

Divorce is a very common phenomenon in the United States, with around 1 in 10 marriages ending in divorce. There are many factors that contribute to the cause of divorce, but the most common one is infidelity.

A marriage can be on the verge of divorce for different reasons. The most common cause among these is infidelity, mental health issues, living apart, and more.

How Do You Leave Your Marriage?

The process of leaving a marriage is deep and painful. There are, however, some steps that you can take to make the process easier for yourself and your family.

  • Consider these points before deciding to leave your spouse:
  • 1. Acknowledge that you have a problem and accept the fact that you need help
  • 2. Be willing to open up your life with a therapist or a counselor for support
  • 3. Consider talking with your children first so they know what is going on

Reasons for Increasing Divorce Rates in America?

ᐉ Everything about Ukrainian citizenship


Many foreigners living in Ukraine, after all, get an opportunity to be accepted to citizenship. If this happens to you, you have to carry out some legal procedures to make this opportunity real. To avoid mistakes and save your time you can contact professional lawyers of “Bachynskyy, Kolomiets and partners” for assistance.

Grounds to get citizenship of Ukraine

In most cases, to become eligible for citizenship, you will need to meet six requirements.

First, you must observe the Constitution and other laws. Second, not to have citizenship of any other country or abandon it. Also, you should legally live in Ukraine for five years without interruption. In addition, you should have immigration permit, know Ukrainian language well enough to communicate, and have a legitimate source of income.

This rule has exceptions – people who can get the citizenship by a simplified procedure. These exceptions include the following categories of people: born on Ukrainian territory, children of citizens of Ukraine, children who were born in Ukraine or were found as babies here, people who had Ukrainian citizenship earlier, and disabled persons, whose guardians are citizens of Ukraine.

The procedure of getting citizenship in Ukraine

If you want to get Ukrainian citizenship and have a right to it, you will go through several steps. The first step is to collect the necessary documents. Here’s the list:

  • Passport or other document identifying person;
  • A copy of permanent residence permit (Ukrainian or foreign);
  • Bank receipts (confirmation of duty payment);
  • Three photos, sized 35 x 45 mm;
  • A document confirming that you have no other citizenship or your commitment to stop or change this citizenship, under international instruments;
  • A document confirming that you speak Ukrainian;
  • Document confirming one’s disability (if available and if needed);
  • Document confirming the special right to citizenship (if needed);
  • Document confirming you have a legitimate source of income for the last six months;
  • Translation of documents in Ukrainian

Some people may not pay the state fee (the disabled of first and second groups). If you belong to such categories, you will need to submit appropriate confirming documents instead of bank receipts.

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The procedure for divorce through the court — the decision of family disputes Kharkov and Ukraine

The procedure for divorce through the courts. Documentary support and the nuances of judicial practice. Family life, which seems beautiful and long at its beginning, in fact, is not always the case in practice.

Often it does not pass the test of life difficulties (including domestic) and is not so long. Then at the end of this path, the parties of life together from partners (in a sense) turn into opponents.

At the same time, the parties begin to be interested in the legal aspects of the registration of a divorce, to which this article is devoted.

There are two options for ending the relationship:

  • • By consent of the parties
  • • Through the court, that is, when there is a dissenting party and there is a dispute (or in cases where the law obliges the parties to resolve this issue only in court).

By agreement of the parties If the parties mutually agreed to terminate the relationship, they need to come to the department of civil registration (CRA or RAGS). However, the law prohibits such a campaign, in the presence of children under the age of majority. In this case, you must go to court, regardless of the consent of the parties.

The algorithm of actions in this case is quite simple:

  • • The parties are required to jointly arrive at the RAGS.
  • • Documents must be provided: marriage certificate, passport of each party.
  • • Submit a joint application, and each party must complete the relevant part of the application, confirming the intention to end the relationship.

After submitting the application, at least a month must pass, after which the union is terminated.

This is done in order to give the parties time to think about the correctness of the step taken. At any time before the expiration of this month, — statement can be withdrawn.

After the date is set, the parties must appear in the RAGS for filing a divorce and obtaining the relevant certificate.

Judicial termination As a rule, the parties follow this path in two cases:

  • • Have children (see above);
  • • One of the parties does not agree to end the relationship.

If there are children In this case, the law requires that a general statement be drafted, signed by both parties, in which the reasons for terminating the relationship should be detailed. The following documents must be submitted to the court:

  • • Claim.
  • • A copy of the marriage certificate.
  • • A copy of the birth certificates of all the heirs.
  • • Passports on both sides.

To implement this direction, an important aspect is the conclusion by the parties, with the subsequent provision to the court, an agreement on the upbringing and provision of children, after the termination of parental relations. This contract allows for maximum detailing of the obligations of each party towards children. In particular, when entering into an agreement, the parties must agree on the following important conditions:

  • • Place of residence of children.
  • • Responsibilities of each of the parties in relation to raising children, the mode of such education and communication with each child.
  • • The level of material support for each child from each of the parties, specifying the form of incurring expenses, amounts, terms.
  • If one of the parties does not agree to terminate the relationship In this case, the agreement between the parties mentioned above is not obligatory for the court.
  • The package of documents to the court in this case is as follows :
  • • A copy of the passport of the party who filed the termination claim.
  • • Copy of marriage certificate.
  • • Copy of birth certificates of all children.

It is important to state the place of residence and work of the second party for the application. If you have questions about the division of property of the parties, they can be stated in the same statement of claim, or you can file a separate lawsuit.

Subtleties of termination of relations of the parties If the decision on termination of relations by the parties has already been made and there is an impossibility of further cohabitation, an application can be made to establish a separate accommodation regime for the parties. Such a step may give some advantages to the parties:

  • • The property acquired during this period is not considered joint property and is not divided upon termination of the relationship.
  • • If an heir appears on the results of 10 months of separation, he cannot be considered the heir of a spouse.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is that separate living does not deprive the rights and duties of husband and wife, which the Family Code enshrines. What else it is important to know to the party that initiates legal process on termination of relations:

  • • The lawsuit will not be accepted by the court during the entire term of the wife’s pregnancy and within a year after the appearance of the heir. The only exception is when a spouse has committed unlawful acts against his wife or heir.
  • • A lawsuit can be accepted by the court if the heir did not exceed the age of 1 year, provided that the other gentleman acknowledged the paternity or the court’s decision to exclude the real father from the heir’s birth certificate entered into force.
  • • After the official termination of the relationship, the spouses have the right not to change their last name or return to the previous one.
  • • A formal termination of a relationship can be considered fictitious if it is determined that the parties are actually continuing family life and have no real plans to terminate them.

How much is the termination of relations between the parties in Ukraine in the current 2019.

Divorce Procedure Explained by Graysons Solicitors

Last updated on September 23rd, 2020 at 01:48 pm

Stage 1: File the petition

The divorce petition will be prepared by us on your instruction then lodged at our nearest divorce centre in Doncaster together with payment of the filing fee of £550. The papers will be issued by the court then posted directly to your spouse at the address for service provided. It then takes the court about 2 – 3 weeks to issue and serve the petition on your spouse.

Stage 2: Acknowledging service

Your spouse has 7 days from service to complete an acknowledgement of service form in reply to your petition, indicating whether or not he/she intends to defend the divorce and to admit any adultery if alleged.

It often takes a little longer to deal with the acknowledgement than the rules provide for (to allow your spouse time to consult with a solicitor for advice on the papers) and therefore the time limit isn’t strictly enforced.

Acknowledgements are, however, usually received into court within 3 weeks of your spouse receiving the petition and Doncaster Court then processes a sealed copy of the form to us. We are then ready to progress to stage three.

Defended divorces are very rare as they are discouraged by solicitors for not achieving any positive result. They simply increase the time, acrimony and cost of the case. Nearly all petitions, therefore, proceed undefended.

Even when your spouse doesn’t agree with all that you have said about his/her behaviour, specific wording can be used on the acknowledgement to protect his/her position which still enables the divorce to proceed undefended.

If your spouse fails to file his/her acknowledgement in court, we must then arrange for a duplicate set of the divorce papers to be personally served upon him/her.

This is because we must satisfy the court that your spouse is aware of the proceedings before the divorce can continue. In rare circumstances, service can be ‘deemed’ or ‘dispensed with’.

We can advise you about these matters if service becomes a problem in your case.

Stage 3: Decree nisi application

This stage involves completion of an application form with a supporting statement, usually exhibiting a copy of your spouse’s acknowledgement.

We will prepare the papers for you and submit them to court on your behalf after you have checked and signed them.

A judge will then consider the papers in our absence and raise questions if he has any, but usually the judge will simply certify that you are entitled to a decree nisi and notify us of the date when this will be pronounced (approximately 8 weeks later).

Stage 4: Decree nisi pronouncement

Why do Russian and Ukrainian women divorce?

CQMI dating

At the CQMI Agency we often talk about the divorce of members, who after a battle path arrive at the agency under sometimes difficult conditions, because they have to face the eyes of their entourage when they go in search of a wife in the Eastern countries.

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We are talking less about women members mainly from Russia and Ukraine, and men are probably interested in knowing why Russian and Ukrainian women divorce, what are the reasons, the number of divorces and the situation of marriage in the North Slavic countries? These questions are interesting for men who often lack information about Slavic women, especially because of their ignorance of the Russian and Ukrainian language. In this article from CQMI, we will try to enlighten you through articles and statistics from the Russian and Ukrainian press.

Divorce in Russia and Ukraine is constant progress but mitigated.

Divorce is constantly increasing in Western countries but also in Eastern Europe and throughout the world. In the mid-1950s, the Soviet couple was not very divorced, already because of the influence of the Communist Party and its ability to create problems for couples who were not models in the standards of the Soviet Union.

The party was able to take away your work, your housing and put pressure on fickle men or women, and divorce was seen as a perversion of the capitalist system and if it was understood that divorce was possible, it should only be pronounced in rare cases and inherent to exceptional situations.

Today, the divorce coefficient (annual divorce rate) is 10 in Canada (10 marriages dissolved per 1,000 each year), but it was 0.5 in the USSR in the 1950s, 5.9 in Russia (in 2002), and 4.1 in that same country (in 2016). In Canada at present, 45% of marriages pronounced will be dissolved sooner or later.

In Russia these figures are lower, but significant, in the order of one in three marriages that will be dissolved in the provinces, compared to one in two marriages in the capital, Moscow.

In Canada, the situation seems dramatic, with an article indicating that the chance of divorce for married couples since the 1990s has risen to 67%, a sad record[1].

In this article, the author also gives the reasons for divorces in Canada: namely, gender differences (?), relationship dynamics, doubled life expectancy, declining religious practices, loosening of morals, «sexual» freedom, government laws and finally what he calls «philosophy of the here and now».

However, Russia is in a difficult situation, as Russian citizens divorce more than they marry, with about 60% of the marriages celebrated in previous decades having been dissolved. However, it is important to say that in Ukraine and Russia, the divorce procedure is very fast, inexpensive (between 200 and 400 euros, compared to an average of $7,000 in Canada) and therefore facilitates divorce.

[1] Record beaten by Belgium in 2014, this divorce rate was 69%, noticed at 71% in 2008, but Switzerland is a very good student, with a divorce rate of only 41.5%, with a country that allows divorce without the presence of lawyers (29% of cases in Switzerland in 2005).


The reasons for divorce in Ukraine and Russia.

???? Divorce procedure through the registry office ???? Unilateral divorce without children

The procedure and procedure for divorce through the registry office

Since the legislation of Ukraine regulates two methods of divorce, then, accordingly, the procedures for divorce will differ in their rules and nuances.

In Ukraine, the competence of divorce is vested in the registry office and the court, subject to certain conditions.

Often spouses, without having certain knowledge in the field of family law, apply to the registry office with a requirement to dissolve the marriage. The procedure for divorce through the registry office assumes the presence of two conditions:

  • no dispute regarding divorce. That is, if one of the spouses is against divorce, the other of them can no longer apply to the registry office, since there must be a joint statement. In this case, the one of the spouses who wishes to divorce is a direct road to court.
  • absence of common minor children. The rights of the child have a certain priority, and due to the impossibility of independently defending their rights, such a duty is imposed on the state. However, if one of the spouses has a minor child, the application to the registry office for divorce will be absolutely legal.

How to file documents for divorce at the registry office?

The divorce procedure in the registry office does not require much effort and is fast enough. In order to dissolve the marriage, you just need to come to the registry office at the place of residence of the spouses or one of them and apply with a joint application for divorce.

Please note that there is no need to contact the registry office that once registered your marriage, which greatly simplifies the situation in many cases.

The divorce application has a standard template form, which, as a rule, according to the order of divorce through the registry office, the specialist fills out the application in electronic form on the basis of the data you provide.

There are two fields in the application for each of the spouses separately. The reasons for the divorce are not of interest to the registry office, since the very fact of mutual consent to divorce and the absence of joint children is important.

The rules of state registration of acts of civil status of Ukraine provide for the procedure for divorce, when one of the spouses, for a good reason (serious illness, long business trip, living in a remote area), cannot personally submit an application for divorce at the registry office, such a statement, the authenticity of the signature on which must be notarized certified or equated to him, on his behalf, the second of the spouses can file, about which a note is made in the register of applications for divorce without children.

After all the information has been entered, the application is printed out and given to the spouses for review. You should carefully double-check all the data, since at least one wrong letter or number can further lead to problems with the registration of a second marriage. After reviewing the completed divorce application, the spouses must put their signatures in the space provided.

In accordance with paragraph 5 of Art. 3 of the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 7-93 “On State Duty” for registration of divorce by mutual consent of spouses who do not have minor children, a state duty is paid in the amount of 0.5 non-taxable minimum income of citizens (8.50 UAH).

The procedure for divorce through the registry office takes one month, during which, in accordance with Part 2 of Art. 106 SK of Ukraine, spouses can withdraw the application. If the application for divorce has not been withdrawn, the spouses must appear at the registry office for direct registration of the divorce on the appointed day and time.

Registration of a divorce at the registry office unilaterally without presence

In the event that one of the spouses cannot be present on the day of registration of a divorce at the registry office, the period and procedure for such registration, at the written request of the spouses, can be postponed to another day, but not more than one year from the date of filing the application, or registered without the presence of one from the spouses, if a corresponding application has been received from him.

The procedure for divorce is such that on the same day a divorce certificate is issued to the spouses and a mark is put in the act record. The spouse who was absent during registration receives a certificate from the registry office, which he indicated in the divorce application without his presence.

Registration and the procedure for divorce in the registry office with a person recognized as missing or incompetent is carried out at the request of one of the spouses, who must provide the corresponding court decision that has entered into legal force.

Often, such decisions are made by one of the spouses in order to register a new marriage in the future. This procedure may take a little more time, since you need to go to court in a separate proceeding in order to recognize the absence or incapacity of the other spouse.

Divorce procedure in court and registry office – comparative characteristics

The procedure and procedure for divorce in court differs in that only the court can divorce in case of objection from one of the spouses and in the case of minor children.

After a joint statement or statement of claim has been received by the court using an automated document management system, the court determines a judge who will directly conduct the divorce case in accordance with the procedure.

If the submitted package of documents complies with the norms of civil and family law of Ukraine, the judge appoints the date and time of the preliminary court session, about which the parties receive a summons. During this session, the judge clarifies the circumstances of the case, listens to the opinions of the parties.

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